Bank of America Head of Digital Banking: Moving to Mobile | Mad Money | CNBC

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Jim Cramer sits down with the head of Bank of America's digital banking unit to get an inside look into where one of the largest banks in the country sees mobile banking headed.
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Bank of America Head of Digital Banking: Moving to Mobile | Mad Money | CNBC

The rise of digital peer-to-peer payment services in the banking world is paving the way to a new, cashless reality, Bank of America's Head of Digital Banking, Michelle Moore, told CNBC.

"We would like to get cash out of the system," Moore said in an interview with "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer. "It needs to be about security [and] ease."

Bank of America is a leader in mobile and online banking, with 33 million digital customers including over 21 million mobile banking app users.

Moore told Cramer that Bank of America saw 1.4 billion mobile logins just in the first quarter, which amounts to about 100 million logins a week.

"The secret is understanding what our customers want," Moore said. "We listen to them and we give them what they want, not what we want."

With 16 million U.S. households now using some type of voice-activated device, Moore's department has turned its focus to voice, developing its own artificial-intelligence-enabled assistant called Erica.

"We have 65 million customers," Moore said. "How do we help them live their daily lives, give them information about bills [that] are coming due or how to better improve your FICO score?"

A play on its namesake — the last five letters of Bank of America — Erica was rolled out in 2016. Today, the assistant can interact via voice and text message to help customers with specific financial needs, Moore said.

Creating one large, easy-to-use payment ecosystem seems to be item one on Moore's agenda. While she maintained that "nothing can replace the human interaction" at a bank branch, she acknowledged that services like digital mortgage applications are becoming essential for Bank of America's changing customer base.

Bank of America has spent $1 billion on building out digital banking service like these in the last six years. The effort has resulted in products like the digital mortgage app, which takes roughly 20 minutes and cuts a process that once took months down to a matter of days.

"The world is moving to mobile," Moore told Cramer. "I have a fabulous group of technology partners, and together, we build everything that you see that comes out in the mobile app. My angle is all about the client experience. How easy is it to use? Big buttons, beautiful design. Is it so intuitive that anyone can use it?"

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Heinrich smith
Heinrich smith
19 June 2019

Cashless society is Nazi Germany’s idea. It wiped out all assets held by Jews during WWII.

oscar A
Oscar A
31 May 2019

To be honest I like that. Erica way more advance then capital one eno. Plus a large bank I know I can find whether I travel to Nj, L.A, & NYC if I need to withdraw or deposite cash or basically anything. And have an advance app this way that's amazing. Erica I love that is so advance. So if I need to look at history transaction or spending since I spent a lot I can find it within minutes thanks to erica

hasan tarek
Hasan tarek
29 April 2019

BOA please hire a user experience designer for the website. I am begging you guys. Very bad job !!!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris can play Xbox Kinect games on his PlayStation4 and PlayStation Move games on his Xbox 720.

Dilipbishnoi Dilip
Dilipbishnoi Dilip
16 April 2019

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kathy water
Kathy water
14 April 2019


deli gonzalez
Deli gonzalez
27 March 2019


Ted Tyler
Ted Tyler
28 February 2019

I am long bank of America client and use Merrill of course. But their mortgage department is horrible, let's be real here

5 star

We choose our destiny in the way we treat others.

shawn gibson
Shawn gibson
29 January 2019

Michelle Moore is awesome, you will be missed.

Dr Umiefan
Dr Umiefan
26 January 2019

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