DON’T get the Apple Credit Card: Full Review - What Apple DIDN’T say!

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APPLE CREDIT CARD Review and update. The apple card has been officially announced and launched as of March 25th, 2019 during its apple launch event. In this video we talk about the details of the apple credit card and if it is the best credit card of 2019-2020. Goldman Sachs and MasterCard are teaming up to make this card a reality. If you’ve asked, “what is the apple credit card cash back reward”, or “what is the interest rate of the apple credit card” we’ve got some answers. The new apple credit card is a digital/virtual credit card in the apple wallet, both the digital version and the titanium credit card version have no numbers on the card. The most exciting thing about the apple credit card is it will not have any fees! Is the apple credit card worth it?

We know right now that apple credit card will have a cash back reward of 2% for every Apple Pay transaction. In apple stores if you use the apple credit card you can get 3% back when you buy an apple product. If you are at a place that doesn’t not have Apple Pay you can use the titanium apple credit card. The titanium apple credit card will give you 1% on purchases. The cash back comes on a daily basis making apple credit card very unique in comparison to credit cards offered by other companies.


I cover some of the negatives of the apple credit card such as
- Is the apple credit card for everyone? Who can apply for the apply credit card? How do you apply for the apple credit card?
- What is apple cards real amount of cash back daily
- What is the APR rate for the apple card? What is the interest rate for the apple card?
- Are there really a no fee credit card?
- What is the apple card cash back reward and is it any good?
- Can people break into the apple card?
- How does the apple card compare to the Citi double cash card?

Then I discuss some of the positives
-Apple Payment reminder notifications to avoid paying high interest
-Simplified due dates
-Simple interface to manage your interest payments and plan to pay your interest off fast.
-Apple card fraud prevention protection
Until all the dust settles we won’t completely know how Apple Credit card vs. Visa, Apple Credit card vs. chase freedom, Apple Credit Card vs Barclaycard, Apple Credit Card vs. Chase Freedom unlimited, Apple credit card vs ink business cash, Apple Credit card vs Discover Credit, Apple Credit card vs Costco credit card is going to play out. We love forward to bringing you a comparison of the apple credit against other credit cards.

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More information about the apple card:

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riri yonce
Riri yonce
04 December 2019

Do you have to pay your balance in full? I wanna purchase a MacBook Pro costing $1300 and do I have to pay that in full within a month using Apple credit?

Daniel B
Daniel B
12 November 2019

I got it just for the novelty of it. My Youtube Premium monthly charge through Itunes and nothing more.

10 November 2019

Citi double cash credit card has no longer provided 2 yr extended warranty service since September 23, 2019

16 December 2019

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28 October 2019

You might want to add that the citi card had lost most of its other benefits other than the 2% cash back as of last September.

Min Lwin
Min Lwin
19 October 2019


16 December 2019

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Jeremy Guenther
Jeremy Guenther
08 October 2019

Check your math homie

Donnie Robertson
Donnie Robertson
28 September 2019


28 September 2019

He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.

LAD Emailme
LAD Emailme
28 September 2019

With your example, how do you apply the warranty when your phone breaks in the two year period?

Sir Tim
Sir Tim
27 September 2019

Yeah but does Citi double Cash come with a metal card?

24 September 2019

Actually you’re wrong you don’t need a credit score to get the card there’s many people whom have gotten the card who never owned a credit card and have no credit score

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
16 December 2019

Chuck Norris cannot love, he can only not kill.

Andrew G
Andrew G
24 September 2019

Just pay your credit card off every single month on time. Therefore you don’t pay a penny to the banks.

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