6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders

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Having a custom bike with a unique finish is something that we all aspire to. Following on from our previous video about the best boutique bike brands in cycling, we thought we'd showcase 6 more dynamic bicycle manufacturers.

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6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders Comments

6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders Reviews

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AG Coarseman
AG Coarseman
16 October 2019

Why would I choose a Festka over a similarly specced Specialized or Bianchi? Anyone?

Sergio Morozov
Sergio Morozov
10 October 2019

LOW Bicycles Firefly Bicycles Triton Bikes

Marc Decotran
Marc Decotran
08 October 2019

Talking about boutique brands, why not make a spot on recumbents?

23 October 2019

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Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny
01 October 2019

Please feature the works of mr. Ave Maldea from Philippines. He build from track bike, roadbike, cyclocross, tandem bikes and etc.

28 September 2019

This seems to call for a series.. with reoccurrence suitable to fill a vid aftrr new brands or losses have taken place. Ur turn, gcn

23 October 2019

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cedric s
Cedric s
28 September 2019

Firefly ! Jaegher ! Stelbel ! Cyfac ! Eriksen ! Victoire !

26 September 2019


Frank Tyger
Frank Tyger
26 September 2019

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.

26 September 2019

I'm a weekend rider so steel and vintage is where it is at, preferably Reynolds 853 of which I'm always in the hunt. I would only pay a pretty penny for a brand new Titanium as the used market is pretty thin and still expensive.

C345 OFR
C345 OFR
25 September 2019

Just be aware that the Squid squad have lots of experience using Spray.bike. I *would not* recommend Spray.bike to beginners. Certainly not their fluorescent colours. For similar money, you can find someone to *professionally* powder coat your bike. If you're still thinking of trying them anyway, stick with the matte range and trial it on a busted frame, first.

24 September 2019

Enigma Bikes in East Sussex, titanium specialist.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
23 October 2019

When Chuck Norris gets really mad, he raises the roof. LITERALLY.

24 September 2019

BASTION is my favourite.

6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders Wiki

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6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders Images

6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders image

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