N'ziibiimnaan - Our River [Film]

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In the Summer of 2016, Chief Duncan Michano of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg ( formerly known as Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation ) realized one of his dreams and led a 10-day canoe trip on the entire 212 kilometre Biigtig Siibii ( Pic River ) to honour his ancestors who were here before him. The Biigtig Siibii has been a paddling route, a highway, and much more for generations of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg.

N’ziibiimnaan means ' Our River ' in Nishnaabemowin. It is Their River.

Chi-Miigwetch to everybody who made the trip possible.


Thunderbird Song
Heron Bay Singers

Beaver Song
From the Red Shadow Singers
Performed by Candy Desmoulin, singer
Nicole Desmoulin, singer
Julie Michano, singer

Biigtigong Language Song
Buffalo Girl Who Stands in the Center
(Rheanna Courchene)
Lady of the Spring
(Lisa Michano-Courchene)

“What’s It Going For”
Bonnie Couchie, singer songwriter
Binaeshee Quae, backing vocals
From the album “Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm”

Ian Wong, composer
From the album “Stories in Motion”

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Peggy Smith
Peggy Smith
08 April 2017

Inspiring! Would like to join you for a trip. One of the first places I remember as a child was Camp 5 and Caramat. Haven't been back since we moved to Thunder Bay when I was 6 years old (1958).

Ray Jr. St. Louis
Ray Jr. St. Louis
05 April 2017

Great video!!! What a moving experience and glad that Chief Michano was able to fulfill his dream. What a great learning experience for everyone who went on that fantastic journey.

Charley Couch
Charley Couch
03 April 2017

Beautifully done and a real tribute to Anishanaabe history.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Whenever Chuck Norris goes for a swim in the ocean, the sea level drops 11 inches around the world.

Robin Lauer
Robin Lauer
01 April 2017

Nice film and narration, Thanks

Lesley Durham-McPhee
Lesley Durham-McPhee
30 March 2017

Wonderful tribute to past, present and future.

Duncan Michano
Duncan Michano
27 March 2017

Well done Andrew. Appreciate all the work.

Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
5 star

At first you may not have succeeded, but neither did Albert Einstein.

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