The Sultan's Harem: Life was not glamorous at all

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What went on in the Sultan's Harem? And was it really a clothing optional male fantasy? Within the sprawling grounds of Topkapi Palace, the sign above one door reads "Forbidden." The door is the entrance to the Sultan's Harem. For those outside the Arab world, the word Harem usually conjures a decidedly male fantasy involving beautiful women who aim to please. And part of that is true. But you might be surprised to learn what was really going on...

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04 December 2018

There are still slave in the world 1964

Fernando Valdez
Fernando Valdez
15 November 2018

Why the H*LL do you need more than one wife?!

latonya ingram
Latonya ingram
06 November 2018

White people fantasy of harems

22 August 2019

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zeus gary Moulton
Zeus gary Moulton
05 November 2018


05 May 2018

The beauty of Islam

22 August 2019

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27 March 2018

The harem, itself, is not the story. It kind of served as a dormitory for all the women in the palace. The sultan and his insatiable lust for young women, especially very young virgins, is the real story. It is hard for me to see the "greatness" in a man who nightly has a young girl brought into his chambers for him to ravish and abuse. He had consorts to bear his royal heirs and after they had 1 or maybe 2 sons, he did not pleasure them again. Once he had a few royal sons ready, he devoted himself to deflowering and ravishing young virgin girls. These girls would be slaves, which had been forcefully taken from Christian lands and sold or given to the palace for the sultan's use and pleasure. They were forbidden to use Muslim girls as slaves so they preyed on Christians. I cannot imagine the terror of a little 15 or 16 year old, totally innocent, girl, who recently had been torn from her family and brought to the palace harem.(By the way, the sultan's mother provided the girls for her son's lust and often picked the girl he was to ravish on a particular night.) The girl was brought in by the eunuch, who waited outside the door and could hear everything that was said or done. When the sultan was finished, he wanted the girl removed immediately. The eunuch would help, or carry, her back to the harem. There she had to face the all them women who were waiting to see what she looked like when the sultan had finished with her. The "greatest" of the sultans, Suleiman, had sex with 3 to 5 women a day until his 60s! In my mind, they were totally evil and depraved people!!!

nimra habib
Nimra habib
15 February 2018

Westren prpoganda

Maya Lin
Maya Lin
15 February 2018

To fly, we have to have resistance.

matt knauf
Matt knauf
15 February 2018

harem. not a good idea. for women and men.

Muz Saadat
Muz Saadat
11 February 2018

We did do enslave u shitty europenans becasue we ruled the dmn world. You guys were nobdy, the so called Holy roman-german empire did not have the guts to stand againts us, england was just england; when we were at our peak, u had king of england-no bloody emperor. France and its kings were bowing down to Our sultans, Italy did not even bother us and Hungary was just a slave which we raided times and times.. The pope in Vatikan always knew that the ottomans were their fathers, never dared to do smthng against em. But whn our outstanding sulatns were sent to heaven, and those with no real turkish spirit came to power such as adubul hamid, there were no ottoamns alive then, thats why u guys emerged and u lived the assumpsion of breaking the empire while there were no sons of Osman left. Bow down to your fathers there maybe turkish blood in you veins.

Oskar Ika Adi Nugroho
Oskar Ika Adi Nugroho
22 January 2018

is there man that become eunuch ?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
22 August 2019

Chuck Norris can outrun an Olympic sprinter. By walking.

k. Kar
K. Kar
14 December 2017

Sex slavery to be precise.

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