My Health and Fitness Journey!

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just me
Just me
02 March 2019

DAMN your body is hot af!!!!!

toogaytofunction 95
Toogaytofunction 95
27 February 2019

you look so good!!

Jennifer Wasylenko
Jennifer Wasylenko
12 February 2019

great video Cammie :)

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

El Nino used to be called Chuck Norris.

Health and Fitness Guide
Health and Fitness Guide
03 February 2019

Exercise is a Commitment

27 January 2019

Absolute 👏🏻 lesbian 👏🏻 goals 👏🏻

Iveta p
Iveta p
09 January 2019

I am internation, but I can't register with my ZIP code....:(

Mackenzie Gordon
Mackenzie Gordon
05 January 2019

so glad you are so real and honest about your lifestyle! you are a huge inspiration of mine and hopefully someday i can start living more like you 💛

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
5 star

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Matilda Anderson
Matilda Anderson
01 January 2019

I loved this video, I really want to enjoy working out! I have to take steroids and I have been for about 5 years and my birth control for my cramps made me gain so much weight so I’ve gone off those completely and I really struggle to lose weight. I just keep gaining weight and it’s really frustrating to not be confident. I’m starting university in a couple months in a brand new city where I have no friends and I really appreciated this video! I want to enjoy working out! And get healthier 🌷

Zu Zu
Zu Zu
03 December 2018

girl youre so hot, i‘m sorry but i just have to say it. youre making this girl here have a really hard time, because youre killin me 😭😭

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2 Week Diet

'My', in English, is the genitive form of I (pronoun), or the first-person, possessive determiner. MY or My may also refer to:. cammie scott, lgbt, fitness, health, fabletics, athletic, clothes, style, fashion, workout, eating,

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  • Duration9:18
  • Date16 November 2018
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