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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange Service Stick on bifocals , how they work and why they are a good product

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Roquin Gervot
Roquin Gervot
02 May 2019

Hi Ben and all, I am searching for the plastic fresnal prism stick ons for my newly acquired double vision. My prescription is for a power of 8 in each eye, and am unable to drive right now til I find these. If anyone has a source, could you please let me know? [email protected] Thanks for any info Ben and you guys might have ❣️

rob b
Rob b
28 January 2017

i got them via amazon uk , trimmed them, they are very good.. i got 3+ ones i put them on the inside.

05 December 2016

I work in a factory and bought a pair for my safety glasses.  I would not recommend them for this use as one popped out as I was returning from lunch and I never found it.  They would be good for sunglasses or "easy use" glasses.

15 November 2019

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Richard Petty
Richard Petty
18 February 2016

Using safety glasses for target shooting. Can these sticks on be used on top inner corner of lens?

Mary Jane Amey
Mary Jane Amey
12 January 2015

Where are the 2.75 at...why so hard to find?

15 November 2019

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Waskwy M
Waskwy M
02 October 2013

What can you use to stick on to PRESCRIPTION lenses ? Thanks

Brenda Miller
Brenda Miller
08 September 2013

Hello I was told that you actually make a Rx. lens to correct your regular eyesight not just bifocals. hate spending $300 -$400 on sunglasses that aren't' what I really want?

Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson
08 September 2013

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

17 August 2009

Can you get me stick ons with a focal distance of 26 to 30" for pistol shooting to be attached to the upper inner right lens of my glasses?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
15 November 2019

Chuck Norris knows where Barack Obama was born.

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