The Video Diary - 2018

I started making one second a day videos back in 2013 when our first child Indiana was born. We’d seen similar videos and thought the concept would be a great way for Indiana to look back on her childhood.

The first video I mashed together was ’Indi’s First Year’ and was all about capturing Indi’s journey from birth to her first Birthday.

When our second child, Harper and third Chase crashed into our lives it was only fair I did the same for them.

Back then producing a yearly video involved remembering to film a clip on a daily basis, transferring those clips to a PC and stitching them together on Adobe Premiere. As good as Premiere is, with three kids each requiring a yearly video the task was monstrous.

Too monstrous it seems, as even though I managed to capture the daily video of the three kids, it wasn’t long before I was simply archiving those clips, not having the time to sit down and stitch them together.

Further, as the kids grew older and began interacting more with each other, I found that the clips I was using were the same across all three videos.

So at the beginning of 2018 I changed direction, a single one second a day video each year to capture our families journey, rather than each child’s journey.

This year is the first, but I’m furiously delving into the past to mash together videos for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 which I’ll upload on completion.

The process is easier these days and I can now complete the entire movie on my iPhone. The clips are filmed on iPhone and stitched in 1SE (available on the App Store). 1SE is a fantastic app, purpose built for one second a day movies. It’s not yet perfect though as I also use iMovie mobile to add audio at the end of the year and fine tune the audio ducking.

These clips weren’t created to be a masterpiece, just good enough to capture everyday life and help us remember the years gone by.

I hope you enjoy.

Music: Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups

Made with the 1SE App for iPhone:


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