Drake Cut Off During Grammys Speech

As he accepted his award for Best Rap Song, Drake was cut off after dissing the Grammys, and Graeme O’Neil wonders if it was a deliberate move by the Grammys.

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19 February 2019

Good for Drake

Smirky Whitemale
Smirky Whitemale
19 February 2019

Good. Shoulda cut him off sooner.. F the Grammys anyway

riko redeye
Riko redeye
19 February 2019

Not a huge fan but I like what he said.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris receives mothers day cards for giving birth to twins: WAR AND PEACE!!!!

vay kay
Vay kay
19 February 2019

How bout you STFU with your pointless comments. Drake is real unlike 83% of everyone on the internet. He was stating FACTS. He loves god. How bout half his dam music had love for god references...... Why do you think they're the few controlling us & the world circulation. because of idiots like you who are blind, who have no eye, who lost intuition. If I was the illuminati id wipe a good portion of people out too. and Mr Jesus Christ down there in the comments. You think it's okay to have that name and talk about god???? caugh-caugh.. HYPOCRITE

Eric M
Eric M
19 February 2019

Sheeple awards

tony balony
Tony balony
18 February 2019

He should be working at timmies or homeless not holding awards lol

antonio fermin
Antonio fermin
18 February 2019

So y keep the Grammy give it back

Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
5 star

Look forward to spring as a time when you can start to see what nature has to offer once again.

Colt Bettencourt
Colt Bettencourt
18 February 2019


Trans 8
Trans 8
18 February 2019

DRAKE 100.

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