Video Diary 2017 (One Second Everyday For A Year 2017)

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What a mental year! Finishing off University, graduating and finding a dream job! Whilst having wonderful time with the girlfriend and trips away. One of my best friends got married and another best friend had a new beautiful baby girl. Shutting down of Hover Enterprises as a home maintenance service and launch of my new adventure.


Here are my five top inspirational book for you to have an awesome 2018:

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Cameron Doyle
Cameron Doyle
06 January 2018

So. many. Activities. Love it! Chucked you a sub, I made a 2017 in review aswell if you wanna sus. Looking forward to more content for you!!

K Chave
K Chave
31 December 2017

Great video. Happy new year 🥂🎆🎊🎉

Natalie White
Natalie White
31 December 2017

So much love ❤️

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01 January 1970

If you look over your left shoulder and it is saying to go this and your other shoulder is telling you to go the other way. Then just follow your heart and you will be OK.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
23 September 2019

the movie Alien VS Predator,was a loosly based documentary of the time when Chuck Norris fucked a fat chick

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