A Vigilante - Movie Review - (No Spoilers)

A Vigilante is directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson and stars Olivia Wilde, Morgan Spector, and Kyle Catlett - imdb.com/title/tt6211976/

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Kylie Jones
Kylie Jones

Thank you. I found your review after searching for reviews that matched my opinion. Haven't found any yet. Still, I enjoyed your listening to your critique. I stopped this movie half way through. Found it unwatchable. Wilde's performance was awesome. But I was turned off by the relentless bleakness of the movie, its one-dimensional message and black/white characterisations of the female victims of family violence. All the women helped by Sadie were presented as passive victims. There was no background or depth or backstory. There were no examples of a female abusing a male partner. This would have provided some balance. There were no sympathetic male characters (although I saw only half the movie). Reviewers are saying this isn't an anti-male movie. I beg to differ. This felt like a feminist movie and as I loathe feminist ideology perhaps I'm just hyper sensitive to the heavy-handed message delivered here.

Matthew St Vincent
Matthew St Vincent

Great review! You got yourself a new subscriber! Keep up the amazing work! 😊🙏🏻🤩🙏🏻😊

Felix Adler
Felix Adler

The truth which has made us free will in the end make us glad also.

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