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Tyler's sixth full length project IGOR, is one of the best break up albums and not comparable to goblin, wolf, cherry bomb, or flower boy.

The album opens with an ambiguous yet menacing introduction. It grips you and throws you into a dark looming distorted symphony of synths... as the drums kick in, Tyler greets you into IGOR. Tyler, The Creator has always been a polarizing figure in the industry. His past has been littered with a myriad of controversies and outright vulgarity. To describe Tyler as another copy and paste hip-hop artist is not only wrong but it is unequivocally moronic.

Wolf marks a major turning point in tyler’s discography and his persona in general. While tyler still holds true to his abrasive over the top offensive demeanor we also see his progression as a producer and he even gets deeply personal in a way we’ve never seen from him before on quite a few of the tracks. Wolf was an undeniably important stepping stone on tyler’s artistic journey and while it’s rough around the edges it features some of his best, most compelling material to date. . In “Cherrybomb” Tyler’s signature sound was drowned out by his countless attempts of experimentation. Although it fell short of many people’s expectations especially in consistency of tone, the album was still perceived as above average. What would follow through, was an album that would change the world’s perception of Tyler The Creator.

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Ouile garçon
Ouile garçon
11 November 2019

Goblin also talks about necrophilia but ok (It’s in she)

11 November 2019

Personally, Igor I believe is likely the album of the decade.

07 November 2019

Trash album

11 November 2019

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05 November 2019

I was waiting for him to say "Tylers use of rhetorical devices juxtaposed this album as his magnum opus"

04 November 2019

This video was like one of Mister Amazing’s videos. I love his videos, and this is great

11 November 2019

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Nico Webb
Nico Webb
03 November 2019

tyler is in love with some dude. the dude is messing with some chick tyler is obsessed snd turns into igor, or a puppet for his lover, untill tyler loses his feelings snd accepts they eont love him and ssk if they could be friends

01 November 2019

Bruh my favorite is rather jamba,gone gone/thank you or 911/mr lonely

01 November 2019

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Tennis Steve
Tennis Steve
31 October 2019

this video was legit amazing 10/10 would recommend.

TIEBLOE Paalupaikka
TIEBLOE Paalupaikka
31 October 2019

It might be nostalgia but Wolf was a fantastic album

wavy editsz
Wavy editsz
30 October 2019

flower boy is his best album.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
11 November 2019

Chuck Norris' favorite handgun is an M1A1 Abrams.

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty
29 October 2019

He tryna get on her level and fuck lol Ayyo hope he smashes that he music is chill and she’s very pretty 😹🖤

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