How To Play Air Guitar

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Sure, anyone can play guitar, but not everyone can play it well.

Step 1: Hold your guitar
Pretend you are holding a guitar by bending both arms between 75 and 90 degrees. Keep one hand in front of your belt buckle, palm facing you, and the other hand up in the air, fingers spread, bent, and pointing toward you.

Step 2: Choose your tune
Whether you're at a bar or in your bedroom, play along to a raucous rock tune: ideally, the music should be at ear-splitting level.

Pretend the Stones have invited you onstage to jam

Step 3: Kick it up
Close your eyes, twiddle your fingers, kick your feet, and whip your hand up and down the imaginary neck of your imaginary guitar.

Step 4: Create moves
Create particular moves for key phrases in the song. Every time you hear that special "wah wah" or "bwow-chika-bwow-wow," you'll drop to one knee or do a spin, highlighting your agility-and showing off just how in the groove you are.

Step 5: Take a Bow
When the song ends,take a bow-then do an encore. Your imaginary friends will appreciate it.

Did You Know?
Did you know 2007? U.S. Air Guitar Champion Andrew "William Ocean" Litz's signature move is the backflip beer-can crush.

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Dima Starin
Dima Starin
21 November 2018

Thx helps alot!

Sean Norman
Sean Norman
07 August 2018

Is this a

Sleepy Toucan
Sleepy Toucan
01 June 2018

Why are people hating this was a very helpful lesson

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

when Chuck Norris went to burger king he asked for a big mac, one minute later they gave him one

Brad H
Brad H
29 May 2018

Jesus just learn a real guitar personally as a guitarist i hate these guys 😂😂

rv ong
Rv ong
13 May 2018

What's the name of the music starting from 0:36

13 bianca
13 bianca
10 March 2018

I was supposed to be studying right now

mini octomos prime
Mini octomos prime
16 February 2018

Omg this. Is so boring

Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar
5 star

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Richy M
Richy M
01 January 2018

Immediately disliked because you the music

Bryton Carl
Bryton Carl
02 November 2017

I watched this once. And now i can play real guitar

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