How to protect your online privacy in 2019 | Tutorial

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To learn how to best protect your online privacy in 2019 means to learn privacy by compartmentalization. Isolating your different digital identities and activities from each other is the best approach to keep control of your data.




Techlore's Go Incognito tutorial series:

How to be anonymous on the web

Master uBlock Origin in advanced mode

Important sources and software

Good intro into security approaches and compartmentalization

Every piece of software recommended is listed here:
More direct links:
Intro to QubesOS
Joanna Rutkowska on Qubes

Tor Browser
Tor for iOS
Orbot on Android

Firefox addons
uBlock Origin
- read the docs
Cookie Autodelete
HTTPS Everywhere

Firefox Klar
K-9 email client for android



How to get a burner phone

Privacy by compartmentalization is very simple. You will create virtual compartments where you concentrate carefully separated pools of data. Each compartment will revolve around a different sphere of your identity.

The more security you want, the stronger walls between your compartments you’ll build.

The first compartment is for your professional identity to separate your business email and work related activity from the rest of your online presence.

The second compartment is for your social media so that you keep those advertising giants away from your digital life outside of their platforms.

The third compartment is for your private identity where most of your light browsing, news reading, watching YouTube and making online purchases happen.

When you become familiar with this practice, you can build more compartments.

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Want to access your favorite websites?
22 September 2019

Could you do one for Chrome?

22 September 2019

How do you protect yourself on an apple device i can’t really see anything working

John Barrett
John Barrett
20 September 2019

Should I stop using a Mac computer, iPad and Final Cut Pro (video surf ware)?

23 September 2019

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19 September 2019

Should I worry about hardware vulnerabilities?

Hated by the World
Hated by the World
19 September 2019

The thing is your ISP, NSA can always seek data from their infrastructure

23 September 2019

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Steven King
Steven King
19 September 2019

What about Firefox for Android? Equivalent or worse than WebApps? Also, Cookie AutoDelete has a yellow banner that says it is not monitored by Mozilla. I infer it means the add-on can go malicious and nobody would know.

oni chan
Oni chan
19 September 2019

IPVanish advertisement

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins
19 September 2019

You always succeed in producing a result.

TRUMPisTHE manWITHthePLANmaga2020
TRUMPisTHE manWITHthePLANmaga2020
19 September 2019

you need to type out these things or provide a list because the way you pronounce some things its hard to find

Samee Ahmad
Samee Ahmad
18 September 2019


18 September 2019

Have you checked out the Brave browser? What do you think?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
23 September 2019

Chuck Norris wouldn't do anything for love. Love would do anything for Chuck Norris.

18 September 2019

Regarding Thunderbird email, if a gmail address is used in it, that wouldn't stop Google from reading the emails since the mailbox is hosted on their servers, correct?

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