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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris can start a chemical warfare by use of his anal vapors.

Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
5 star

Adversity isn't set against you to fail; adversity is a way to build your character so that you can succeed over and over again through perseverance.

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Balneotherapy (Latin: balneum "bath") is the presumed benefit from disease by bathing, a traditional medicine technique usually practiced at spas. While it is considered distinct from hydrotherapy, there are some overlaps in practice and in underlying principles. Balneotherapy may involve hot or cold water, massage through moving water, relaxation, or stimulation. Many mineral waters at spas are rich in particular minerals such as silica, sulfur, selenium, and radium. Medicinal clays are also wi...

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  • Duration10:1
  • Date21 December 2016
  • ChannelGreen Organics
  • Video QualityHD

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