A Korean-American’s Adventure in Indonesia

When people ask you where you’re from, what do you say? For Yeti, it’s kind of complicated. She was born in the United States, but moved to South Korea when she was a child. She then moved back to the US where she attended university. She worked at a tech company in Los Angeles for several years, helping them build their business, and now, she’s making her mark with Gojek in Indonesia. Yeti has been living in Indonesia for more than 3 years, and she’s made the most of her time here by traveling and trying out various kaki limas. So how did the Korean-American find her way to Gojek?

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Chaeyeon Deadly Gaze
Chaeyeon Deadly Gaze

mythical creature

Arintya Gantini Putri
Arintya Gantini Putri

Udah lama pengen gabung sama perusahaan yang seperti ini, berhubungan dengan banyak orang melalui internet , membangun indonesia lewat perkembangan teknologi , memudahkan orang orang di jaman sekarang dalam memenuhi kebutuhan maupun lifestyle , i hope one day , i will be a part of this huge company 🙏

ahmad mushaffa
ahmad mushaffa

enjoy your adventure mam


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Slamet Ristiyono
Slamet Ristiyono

Go jek sekarang besar sekali.. Guyss yang butuh informasi harga sapi ada di YouTube saya. Terimakasih

Muhamad Hamdani
Muhamad Hamdani

very inspiring! thank you Gojek.

Syahril Hidayat
Syahril Hidayat

Saya junior graphic designer, dan ntah kenapa ketika lihat ini tertarik untuk join di gojek, dan saya perlu belajar lebih mengenai profesi saya sebagai designer , semoga kelak saya bisa join di gojek.


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Putu Widyatama
Putu Widyatama

Wanna join soon..


All know the way; few actually walk it.

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