Water Supplemented Stove Part 1

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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange Service
Water Supplemented Stove
Water Supplemented Stove
21 January 2019

Water supplemented stove is already upgraded. Visit my page

johnneal cabalteja
Johnneal cabalteja
03 January 2019

this is bs

Tech Ownage
Tech Ownage
11 December 2018

its just water on top. and some hose kek

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

I kicked Chuck Norris'sjrago irjft awoe rfa;e jh;ao werjfa olhergaklashfg eo ifuy porhg z;irgf;salirhg

andrew jaguit
Andrew jaguit
31 October 2018

Sana makakagagwa na ng portable stove na tubig. Magaling!!!

12 September 2018

Sa alam ko supplemented lang naman Hindi 100% tubig gagamit parin ng LPG...

Salvador Madamba
Salvador Madamba
05 September 2018

Hindi mo naman inexplain kung papaanu ito makatulong sa LPG. ang nakita ko, dahil sa tubig, ang apuy ng burner naging yellow/orange ibig sabihin mababa ang init nito (BTU?) ikumpara sa init ng blue flame. Kung magpakulo ka ng tubig, mas mabagal kung gagamit sa nito kumpara sa pure LPG. So kung may tubig mixture, mas matagal ang pagpakulo. ibig sabihin pareho din ang consumption ng LPG. panggulo lang ang tubig mo. We need scientific explanation. Of course water can be separated to hydrogen and oxygen to become fuel but we need energy to do it and the amount of energy to create that is equal to the amount of energy that will be created. In other words, not feasible.

drawing ART
Drawing ART
05 June 2018

walang connect. wala naman pong patunay na pag nainitan ng apoy yong coil na dinadaan ng tubig galing sa water container is mag proproduce ng apoy dn. umiinit lang ung tubig na dumadaloysa coil. anong connect po? sa katunayan mas pinapabagal pa ng tubig ung init ng apoy galing sa gas mo kuya. maniniwala pa po ako kung may involve na electricity para mag react ang negative at positivr particles sa salt water para maging hydrogen na totoong umaapoy. hay 🖓🖓🖓

 Leo Aikman
Leo Aikman
5 star

Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime, and too sleepy to worry at night.

Soledad Ignacio
Soledad Ignacio
28 March 2018

Saab naman makakabili

alden lim
Alden lim
27 March 2018

na tokhang na for sure un gumawa ng kalokohang to

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