Should You Go To Design School: Doing The Math on Education

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Should you go to design school? What you hope to learn in design school might not be what you actually learn in design school. Is going to a traditional private art school still the best way to learn design? This is a live, facilitated discussion about the state of design education.

Chris Do debunks many assumptions about what students expect to learn in school. He also suggests that students may find greater educational value in hiring "legends" in their field to mentor them versus paying tuition at a university.

Soft skills vs hard skills. What will you actually learn in school?

0:58 Cost versus value - the benefits of going to design school
3:52 The difference between "Soft Skills" and "Hard Skills"
8:24 When you have that degree on your resume, some people's perception of you may be changed
11:11 Creatives should consider their education in terms of tangible value
12:53 Art is a means of communication. Graphic Design can help express things that are intangible
14:40 Q:What would you pay $100k to get from design school?
15:51 By putting your unique design spin on well-known brands, you raise your value by association
16:20 Is your 90 second demo reel worth $1000 per second?
18:20 Butterfly effect networking versus Value building networks
20:15 Are you gaining good communication skills at design school?
21:40 How to work with legends of the design industry without an art degree
23:05 The New School: How to get a master's education and build valuable relationships at the same time.
27:33 If design schools are able quantify what an education cost, you should quantify what it's worth to you.
27:58 How to reach out to mentors: Be persistent and step outside your comfort zone with more effective means of communication.
30:33 How to change the design school education model via technology

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P. S.
P. S.
19 August 2019

16:50 yes 1000 $ per second sounds absurd, but as u sayed in other videos u should not get payed for time!U should get payd for that what it is at the end and what the company can earn with that ...Idont understand that its like u say in every video something else or im wrong?I mean i write graffiti for 15 years now and i make a unique design in a few hours ,soo when i sell that design to nike they should pay my 15 years of know how and not the 8 hours that i spend in this design bcs a person that never did graffiti lettering spend 8 hours in a graffiti design there comes nothing good out of it .My design should get even more credit bcs u cant learn that in school u just can learn it by yourself ( graffiti lettering ) soooooo idk....

06 July 2019

Takeaways: 1:16 Cost vs Value Value = What you're getting out of it. Cost = Expense. 9:05 Chris doesn't care what your degree is. With the way that formal education is going, eventually no one will. 11:12 Gray matter in the brain holds onto facts. White matter is good at connecting things together. Creative people may have more white matter. Although they are able to connect things together, they aren't able to articulate themselves. This is why breakdowns like this are important, so you can demistify amibigious feelings about something and concretely look at it objectively. 15:03 Going to school for a unique portfolio is not a good reason. That's not the result you'll get from a cookie-cutter curriculum. 16:35 Take the time to do the math on the final product of your education. Is what your making THAT good? 18:19 There are levels to these benefits. Are you getting the level of benefit from the school that you think you are? 22:28 Rethink education dogma. There are many ways to skin this cat, make your path interesting, especially when it makes more sense: Call your design idol, pay them instead to learn what you're paying at school to shadow them. Take an entry-level job at the company doing what you want to learn. 25:37 Tried and true. There are plenty of people who hustled to build themselves. Chris has been friends with them and has hired them. 28:40 If it's important to you, grow a spine and be persistent in your pursuit. 30:57 Chris reiterates his point: The future is different. An example of this is TLDR; If you really want it, you have all the resources to get it at your disposal, what you need is hustle, not school. Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. Thank you Chris.

Div Rodricks
Div Rodricks
01 July 2019

Coming across this video has honestly been the best thing that has happened to me in months. I'm so happy to find people who share similar views like I do. I live in India and here not going to college equals wasting your years. I've never liked college, I did enjoy the discussions and learning methods to an extent but it overall put me off because the whole system was marks based. You needed good marks to graduate, to get into college, to get through an entrance, basically you were valued based on your marks and not by your efforts and this whole mark system was really flawed to me. And so I chose not to go to college and do something on my own, that is self learn. Try and build my own skills, find alternate ways to learn. But again living in an indian society, this wasn't easy. I couldn't afford an art college and ever since I felt on and off with my decisions, feeling like I was missing out on mentorship, friendships, whatever you wrote down in that column, exactly that. I felt like a misfit in a country full of graduates. But I stuck to my plans because I knew I wanted people who don't care about a degree and look at my work and decide whether they want to hire me or not. And art is my passion, I didn't get the logic of paying someone 10 lakhs to teach me something that's natural in me. Something I can practice and get better at. This video has really given me that push to look beyond curriculum and education systems, and find my own ways to learn. So thank you so much for putting this material out here for people like me to relate to and know that we're not alone.

22 September 2019

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27 June 2019

If you like a design studio and want to get to learn from them (paying $10,000 to shadow them), how do you decide who to reach out to? Client director, creative director, strategy director, etc?

jinglan wang
Jinglan wang
27 June 2019

OMG! I feel so sad after seeing this video, because i just got an offer form a design school in uk, (which took me 1 year to apply for) and it will cost me 60000 dollars. so I will pay 60000 for a master degree to get a good job.?!?!! I'm Just Now Realizing How Stupid I am.

22 September 2019

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25 June 2019

I wish I would have found this channel before I had gone back to school for a master's

18 June 2019

chris do has decoded the educational system as a whole. unfortunately most of us don't have that 10g's to get started. great fuckin idea though.

Albert Schweitzer
Albert Schweitzer
18 June 2019

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Andalee Hyatt
Andalee Hyatt
10 June 2019

I love this video. It was really enlightening for me and pertaining to my personal experiences. I attended the Art Institute of Orange County and went deeply into debt for that decision. While I was there I was told I wasn't a creative. However, at another institution they valued and encouraged my design skills. I've always been a creative person, but I have always been a writer as well. I've struggled to find a career that fit my skills. Any advice for someone like me? It sounds like you are highlighting what took me 10 years to learn. I started in design and ended up doing my MA degree in English instead. I wish you would create a video for someone like me who is trying to find a space where I can use both of my skills. I've been leaning towards illustration and children's books, or just going straight for entrepreneurship. Sometimes it feels like I'm just following the wind. I'd love to get your advice. Thanks!

06 May 2019

Your videos kinda became scary. (in a good way) I lost my last designer job because my boss and I had different opinions and goals. Don't wanna dive into that to much. Anyway I was looking for another design job for 1 or 2 months now, but I couldn't find anything. Nobody wanted me, so I thought about going to university and study design. It's crazy that you put out a video like this, where I question my decision again. :D

Common Sense Made Simple
Common Sense Made Simple
24 April 2019

Mind blowing... Luckily I havnt paid 100k in school... but I understand your concept... Wow... really makes me think...

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
22 September 2019

Salman Rushdie is afraid of the fatwa on him... but is utterly terrified that Chuck Norris is even slightly irked at him.

20 April 2019

Wow, one of the best videos on YouTube on education for creatives.

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