Product Management 101: The GAME Framework

What do you call a person who develops a product? Product Manager or Product Owner? Whatever you call it, we have a new GoLearn video featuring two Gojek Product Managers, Renata Clara and Aditya Brahmana who want to share the basic things we need to know to thrive as a Product Manager (or Owner).

Introducing The GAME Framework, a simple 4-step process that can define metrics for any features or products. If we’re new to this Product Management role, maybe we can hack our way in doing our job with this framework. Watch the video to know what GAME stands for :wink:

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Ashura Li
Ashura Li

Good content. Maybe reduce some of the sfx vfx tho? lol

roy petr
roy petr

I guess Gojek is now able to make a business short-course?


Let me summarize what Renata and Aditya explain about Game Framework for Product Manager. - G: oals, which is to define the direction of your impactful product. How? first define input and output. ex: input (could be pain point): problems, limitation, aspiration. case: anxious users don't know the driver while using gojek service. output (outcomes what users get it from input): case, a guarantee of the driver through tracking. *from Input to Output (imagine arrow) = goal. don't forget, the product goal must be aligned with business goal of the company. - A: ction, what the user should do to get the output from your products. - M: etrics, 1. good metrics should be collectable and quantifiable. ex, - Collectable: you want to know collect 'speed'. - quantifiable: so you guys pick the medium or where we can get it. like the 'speed' of motorcycle you find it in the speedometer. 2. Product Performance, this is how you track is it doing well or not for your user. 3. Aspect, knowing the health of your product from combining all a bunch of metrics. ex case: Gojek live tracking - ETA value is accurate and frequently updated - Vehicle icon move smooth and accurate - The route that we show is correct 4. Make sure value of metrics, metrics can be recorded as time goes by = to measure the impact of feature into your product performance - E: valuate, So after doing the whole of process you should take consider to re-iterate to make your works powerfull. samalah kaya kita hidup, jangan lupa ngisep oksigen biar engga mati!:) Btw, thank you to all of 'Life at Gojek' crew, all of you deserve to be a superhero for us!


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Ahmad Ginanjar
Ahmad Ginanjar

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

Jaler Sekar Maji
Jaler Sekar Maji

Kok A team sih?

A. Yarzuki
A. Yarzuki

This is a good content 🔥


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Muhammad Hisyam Zayd
Muhammad Hisyam Zayd

Mantul manteb betul


I have done my best: that is about all the philosophy of living one needs.

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