Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad

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Genius Scan:
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Camera I use:
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Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad



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Milan Patel
Milan Patel
10 April 2019

I am Afraid, Adobe may charge for this application at a later stage! [email protected] Please it's an request to make it available free for the users. Watching advertisement it seems down the line soon, the price packages will be available for the application.

Elijah Melendez
Elijah Melendez
06 April 2019

fuckin dumbass didn't see if the app can zoom in.

Rendra Agusta
Rendra Agusta
09 March 2019

I try thnk

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Contrary to popular belief, Chuck Norris, not the box jellyfish of northern Australia, is the most venomous creature on earth. Within 3 minutes of being bitten, a human being experiences the following symptoms: fever, blurred vision, beard rash, tightness of the jeans, and the feeling of being repeatedly kicked through a car windshield.

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not
04 March 2019

Does it scan handwritten documents ?

Terrence Lemire
Terrence Lemire
15 February 2019

You forgot to mention the minimum requirements for the apps. For example Scanbot requires OS 10.1 or greater. Not very useful for my iPad which was using version 9.3.5

15 December 2018

Do any of these export as an image file or only PDF?

10 December 2018

Do any of those apps create a text layer where you can search it?

Sai Baba
Sai Baba
5 star

What is new in the world? Nothing. What is old in the world? Nothing. Everything has always been and will always be.

Tom C
Tom C
23 October 2018

Ok, how about basic information like the resolution as compared to a desktop scanner. Also, what formats do these apps convert to.

Mark Chavez
Mark Chavez
01 April 2018

Will it work for PDFs that are in German?

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