The Making Of Meek Mill's "Going Bad" | FL Studio 20 Tutorial

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In this video, ANTRO explains how "Going Bad" By Meek Mill ft. Drake was produced

How Meek Mill "Going Bad" Was Made | Remaking Going Bad ft Drake in FL Studio 20
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The Making Of Meek Mill's "Going Bad" | FL Studio 20 Tutorial Comments

The Making Of Meek Mill's "Going Bad" | FL Studio 20 Tutorial Reviews

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Vortex David
Vortex David
21 March 2019

What did you make this in

young mega music
Young mega music
24 February 2019


Yung Juvenile
Yung Juvenile
14 February 2019

Awesome fucking video thank you. seriously

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Women throw themselves at Chuck Norris, whether they want to or not.

Iggy Music
Iggy Music
09 February 2019

what piano vst are you using?

Ryan's Games
Ryan's Games
06 February 2019

The stain on your desk confused the hell out of me. I just wiping my screen for like 5 minutes until I realized it was just the video

01 February 2019

Can someone send me an 808 I can’t get mine perfect

27 January 2019

That Dark FL studio skin looks crazy.... Where can I download it man ?

5 star

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.

Paul Ellement
Paul Ellement
24 January 2019

Good video and good beat, but the last note of the melody should be F# (not E). Besides that tho you nailed it good job

12 January 2019

Nice tutorial man, would love to see more vids like this!:)

The Making Of Meek Mill's "Going Bad" | FL Studio 20 Tutorial Wiki

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The Making Of Meek Mill's "Going Bad" | FL Studio 20 Tutorial Images

The Making Of Meek Mill's

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  • Duration4:9
  • Date06 December 2018
  • ChannelThese Are The Vibes.
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