One Second Video Of Everyday 2017

Inspired by Ted talk of Cesar Kuriyama. After all, life is made up of seconds.

Just a warning, I did miss to record a video on a lot of days and I did replace some days with photos I took that day. Moreover, I do tend to repeat watching the same show/series in the span of 3 days (i.e. Game of Thrones :)). To add to that, and also, I take lots of videos of cats, food, CF box, shoes. All of which trying to be stealthily since that is how I go by.

Most important part of this project is to thank everyone that has joined me this past 2017 - friends, family, co-workers, CF buddies, swimming/running teacher/s, cute dogs, and tough stray cats.

2013 to 2014 diary:

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