The Real Handmaids of Manhattan

"The Handmaid's Tale" meets "Real Housewives" in this Live Halloween mashup.

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

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17 February 2019

@luidhenry Olha o perfil Eu vo morre é real essamerda

17 February 2019

@RolaWorLD: Real love from a bear 🐻 We all have the same love and live together♥️ 動物も人間もみんな愛でつながってる🌍 #noviolenceagainstanimals #あぶないから…

17 February 2019

@ILoveBeinBlack: But Donald Trump wanna use billions for a wall ? Some President he is. He don’t even see the real emergency we still ha…

17 February 2019

@MilkyLazarus: This why you date a guy with a real job like a drug dealer.

17 February 2019

real talk it smack in the truth

17 February 2019

Is it wrong that I refuse to date anyone who can't feel real jazz music 😂 You cant feel these Jazz Messengers ? naw…

17 February 2019

@MarkDice: The real tragedy is that countless Democrats used this fake news to demonize everyone who wears a MAGA hat. …

Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge
5 star

I have never been hurt by anything I didn't say.

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  • Duration3:7
  • Date31 October 2017
  • ChannelLIVEKellyandRyan
  • Video QualityHD

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