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"7 Summers" is a song recorded by American country music singer Morgan Wallen. Wallen first performed a portion of the track on his Instagram, it was then released on August 14, 2020, following its popularity on TikTok. "7 Summers" is a "dreamy", nostalgic track, with Wallen singing of a long lost love of his and reminiscing about their romance that took place, as the title suggests, seven summers ago. He was hesitant to include it on his second studio album Dangerous: The Double Album, but had a change of mind after it became a fan-favorite. Wallen wrote the song, along with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Upon its release, the song broke the single-day Apple Music streaming record for a country song and debuted at number six on the Billboard Hot 100, making Wallen the second solo male country artist to earn a top 10 debut, 21 years after the first one. ..

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