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What is the Better?

Better may refer to: "to better" as a verb, meaning to undergo betterment better, an alternate spelling of bettor, someone who bets (gambles)..

yall cowards better listen to this song :)

8 (min9yu_u)

@StrongTowns: Not only can public transit save you money to use towards rent or a mortgage—it also increases property values, according…

Jacky Emberlin (EmberlinJacky)

@delta has always had charging access to all their customers no matter where in the plane they are sitting. Being a…

Rell (rellsturdevant)

@leoboujee: If a relationship is meant to be, it'll work out. Kung sila yung right person, something will make you keep holding on or yo…

; ann (ellaaaaaayyyyy)

@LillzTrackLife: Self-evaluation is so key man. Sometimes you're not to blame but that doesn't mean you couldn't have done things differ…

Vida Rica (M0NROWE)

@muftimenk: Social media is making us forget how to interact with people in real-life. For some, posting what they want others to see he…

Exclusive✨ (El_neenah)

@souljaboy: Sometimes that hurt changes you for the better

700 Koop ☄️ (700Koop)

@that_dude_JO Nobody knows this better 💪🏽

Aaron Brooks FanPage (aaronbrooks2000)

@rheint3: touched home plate and had no idea what happened until all my teammates ran out of the dugout... S/O @kailee_powelll NO ONE BE…

DDAVISSS (DaniiiDaviss)

@HalamansOfMnl: Hugs to all who are fighting silent battles. We'll get better in time.

B ianca (ohCAYganda)

@DagDubbo @eiiwAyin @OddemocracyA @RealClaireBear_ And has anyone tried to buy something online under $1,000 lately…

David Scott Aubrey (davidakaclean)

@kthnism: Yall better practicing streaming like what karmy did instead of responding to tweets that shading bts or armys, i mean we bett…

Janelle Navarro (NavejaneS)

@JosephinSkriver: Music makes everything a little better

cheilla alexander (cheillaclapt)

We can only learn to love by loving. (Iris Murdoch)