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What is the Daytime?

On Earth, daytime is roughly the period of the day during which any given point in the world experiences natural illumination from especially direct sunlight. Daytime occurs when the Sun appears above the local horizon, that is, anywhere on the globe's hemisphere facing the Sun. During daytime, an observer sees indirect sunlight while in the shade, which includes cloud cover. 'Day' is sometimes used instead of 'daytime', in this case 'day' will mean 'the period of light between dawn and nightfall; the interval from sunrise to sunset', which is synonymous with daytime. However, in this context, in order to be clear "daytime" should be used distinguish it from "day" which typically refers to a 24-hour period.Other planets and natural satellites that rotate relative to a luminous primary body, such as a local star, also experience daytime of some sort, but this article primarily discusses daytime on Earth...

@cnnphilippines: The country will experience its longest day of the year on June 21. There will be 13 hours of daytime due to summer sol…

ligaya (lilasombrinooo)

@NWSTucson: Seasonably hot daytime temps across southeast AZ thru Friday followed by moderating temps this weekend! Expect gusty afterno…

Jerry Meyer (theologyguy)

@lilithepunk: It's said that should a person be born in the daytime, they will never see a ghost... #FolkloreThursday …

Amanda Kespohl (AmandaKespohl)

For the daytime crowd

Andy Turnbull @ Glasgow Comic Con 2019 (andrewdturnbull)

@discodavies I love your tweets about daytime tv ahaha

eli (eli_easton)

@risingmoon98 @Aladdibror @iBouncE `Abdullah ibn Mas`ud said, ” The Witr is three like the witr of the daytime, the…

Gunner The Afghan 🇦🇫 (GunnahXAfghan)

Well shit... tomorrow has the longest daytime and the shortest night time here in ph 😐😐

ₖₑᵥᵢₙⱼₐₛₚₑᵣ (dakayKEvin)

Sorry, I went drinking with @XCFLGiants. I hope the draft went better than my night did! @XCFLNetwork

Ryan Day (XCFL_Daytime)

@Dear_Zindagii_ Daytime--Practice time 😒😒

👨‍💻ᎾmᏦᎪᏒ 👨‍💻 (omi_anpat619)

@iits924: friends at daytime, lovers at night

Ꮇ (oxmalakox)

@RedrickTerryTV: A big upcoming casting return on a soap opera got us talking about it in the studio. Do you watch daytime soaps? If so,…

Local 4 WHBF (Local4NewsWHBF)

Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. (Seneca )