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What is the Daytime?

On Earth, daytime is roughly the period of the day during which any given point in the world experiences natural illumination from especially direct sunlight. Daytime occurs when the Sun appears above the local horizon, that is, anywhere on the globe's hemisphere facing the Sun. During daytime, an observer sees indirect sunlight while in the shade, which includes cloud cover. 'Day' is sometimes used instead of 'daytime', in this case 'day' will mean 'the period of light between dawn and nightfall; the interval from sunrise to sunset', which is synonymous with daytime. However in this context, in order to be clear "daytime" should be used distinguish it from "day" which typically refers to a 24-hour period.Other planets and natural satellites that rotate relative to a luminous primary body, such as a local star, also experience daytime of some sort, but this article primarily discusses daytime on Earth...

Tonight's task: evict the racoon under my neighbours porch. I setup the daytime simulators, a shit-ton of ammonia (…

Mike Boers (mikeboers)

@rwmead: Congrats @dougrockwell on his Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for #TheLoudHouse “Really…

LoudHouseFans (LoudFamily11)

Its almost 3 AM in night. And still the network is not at its best. Still not working imagine how much frustration…

Paras Arora (parasarora3204)

@Headoffish__: Born at daytime = day hustler = sunshine personality

- (Headoffish__)

@Headoffish__: Born at daytime, do you prefer lighter colors

- (Headoffish__)

@JAMsessionMB: 🏆#WatershipDown nominated for 6 Daytime Children's Emmys - Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Title & Graphic De…

Mary J (MjVale79)

@CatSwetel As I sit here watching Judge Mathis (quality daytime is a great byproduct of a random Thursday off), rea…

Matt Giaco (mattgiaco)

@Headoffish__: If born at daytime, are you always ready for a new day ?

- (Headoffish__)

@JAMsessionMB: 🏆#WatershipDown nominated for 6 Daytime Children's Emmys - Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Title & Graphic De…

carly, and a flower 🌼 (yveskjd)

@SoCalWXwatcher: The latest runs of the HRRR Model suggest the potential for more showers across #SoCal today. Daytime heating and colde…

Garrett Oliver (Goli8821)

@Daytime_Baller I live in Maine. Die hard Red Sox fan

Knasty3890 (knasty3890)

Take a relaxing Cruise on the Ouse with us, a great way to see some of the sights of York whilst learning about som…

citycruisesyork (citycruisesyork)

@YandR_CBS: Congratulations to all of the #DaytimeEmmys nominees in the @CBSDaytime family! See them all here: h…

Mary Beth Walsh (Sweetnessfan)

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. (Carl Jung )