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Doctor or The Doctor may refer to:..

The most embarrassing strain of "leftist" ideology is the "cops = politicians = security guards = doctors = parents…

Christian Patterson (christianizcool)

@kinsellawarren: Liberal MPs tweeting about how upset they are to be up one night for votes should tell that to firefighters, security g…

Thunder #25 (gino25Thunder)

@nafeezi: Nigerians are being killed massively, no don't blame Buhari Nigerian economy is collapsing, no don't blame Buhari Nigeria…

Deji is free at last (SaSteph125)

@DeniseGeltman: Some doctors when you tell them you’re in pain: “Go home, spit at the sky 3 times while hopping on one foot on a Saturd…

clarence campbell (pops60okc)

@evankirstel: #Doctors are using VR to address some of the most challenging medical problems #VirtualReality ! #AR #VR #MR #HealthTech @…

Evan Kirstel at #EC19 (evankirstel)

@magagary687: We must protect our babies! Beto O’Rourke refuses to endorse law that would compel doctors to treat babies that survive ab…

martylawson (martylawson)

@Insightscare: #Surgery is a field rife with #innovation. New techniques, new technology, plus new ways of using existing #techniques #t…

DOC.2.DUBAI (doc2dubai)

Doctors delivering bad advice to expectant parents, Down syndrome advocates say #ottnews…

CBC Ottawa (CBCOttawa)

@RealSaavedra: Democrat Beto O'Rourke says he would have voted against a GOP Senate bill that would have required doctors to provide med…

8084411808 ❌🦅 (44magnoda)

Writing in the @AJTMH researchers are calling for urgent international efforts to combat a pandemic of #fakemeds th…


@JorgeRiveraMD @realDonaldTrump They are. It's called, "We are placing limits on student loans." Their logic: Borro…

Paul&Mary (PaMa261075)

This level of hubris by @SenGillibrand reminds me of the debacle around mandatory minimums. It’s as though politici…

Sanho Tree (SanhoTree)

@soledadobrien matter fact u the IDIOT, this is what is recommended by doctors bc if you don’t get it as a child as…

jaquym (jaquym1)

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. (Ralph Emerson)