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@mtholfsen: NEW! "Read My World" - a new app from our @MSFTGarage interns designed for English Language Learners (ELL). Uses AI to reco…

Gloria Enrique (MissGEnrique)

@autmnleavestae: remember when mono came out and it took all of our braincells combined to realize that tokyo was in all english

V's Manager (IlmaZuberi)

@sontagdaily: I was looking through the English Dept. publications in the library today—long (hundreds of pages) monographs on such subj…

'As You Know' Bob (asyouknowBob)

@SAT_RandomGames: Name as many OPM, English or foreign Heart Break💔songs that you know of. One answer per tweet and please include our…

🦋💘eulyn🇸🇽🇺🇸ᴬᴰᴺ (lynieg88)

@ARanganathan72: Muslim mob pelts stones, attacks a Gujjar marriage procession with sharp-edged weapons. Gujjars protest, demand action,…

Nikhil Kumar (NikhilK63689583)

@OvettaWashPost: Can you skip 47 days of English class and still graduate from high school? (Via ⁦@DonnaStGeorge⁩) …

D.J. Airozo (airozoda)

So i found the japanese version of MH1 with english patch

Quack (RezardVales)

@mishainprogress: he's on korean stan twt, english stan twt, brazilian stan twt......kid's a for real memelord and language is absolutel…

jae ❂ (sunseraphs)

English translation: "I do not know how I will live with myself if I do not stay true to what I believe" -hacksaw r…

Desmond Doss (DesmondDoss)

@Christian_ESEM: Last time Malaga got promoted in 2008, Valencia won the Copa del Rey and two English teams reached the Final of the Cha…

TheBigEasy (BigEasyMuc)

What happened with the english driver?, why didn't start normally after to box stop? #Indy500

Andrés Arias (AriasDeArabia)

@KimSeagull_: ini kakak kelas aku cover spring day english ver, jujur suaranya bagus bgt😭

👑JOYI. (joyiha)

@realdrewhaughey @bbcquestiontime Brakes are not much good on a train wreck confused or otherwise. I can inform you…

Ocromwell#Plebs (stan4eng)

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows. (Buddha )