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What is the Everything?

Everything (or every thing) is all that exists; the opposite of nothing, or its complement. It is the totality of things relevant to some subject matter. Without expressed or implied limits, it may refer to anything. The Universe is everything that exists theoretically, though a multiverse may exist according to theoretical cosmology predictions. It may refer to an anthropocentric worldview, or the sum of human experience, history, and the human condition in general. Every object and entity is a part of everything, including all physical bodies and in some cases all abstract objects. ..

@barbiefobia: when they asked yoongi to freestyle a boyfriend apologizing to his girlfriend for ignoring her calls but got too nervous s…

Kira loves Jooheon and Jimin 👑💕 (BtsHeel)

@marklab143: @PBBabscbn @MyShoiYenHeart we are not opponents here we're family... let's just support TBAY and stop bashing and blaming a…

Miss MY SHOIYEN HEART 🔴 (MyShoiYenHeart)

@emkhansen: Join us today at 12pm EDT for Goth Brunch on @VariantRoles! We've split the party as we infiltrate a manor owned by some sin…

Kevin Hall (_smokebeard)

@lildurk: I watch everybody and everything

@KINGS EXCLUSIVE (kingjordy22)

@bossman_que: A Simple Retweet Can Expand My Mama Business. She Is Very Talented & Everything Is Made Stainless Steel. Dm Me If You Are…

Kynnn😊 (___kynnnn)

@JEddie85: @itsericathomas doing a marathon on television joining the “squad” in the “if you ain’t black or brown, you’re racist narrati…

malcolm🇩🇲 (MalcomapMalcolm)

@Mxtthijs I won everything in my final season and wanted a different challenge.. But not been happy/settled since I left.

FM-Base (fmbase)

@harleivy: scarlet witch and doctor strange are officially teaming up in doctor strange 2.... i am so thankful for everything and everyt…

Coronel Peace Peace (Rafitrox1103)

@yeoginncity ji na everything

junmyeon (yeehawjohn)

Kayak gue pikir gue udah ga kenapa kenapa, ngedit video twicelights sg kan, everything went smoothly until masukin…

M. #NineorNone (meerkatchorom)

@lildurk: I watch everybody and everything

🇧🇧 M O N A E 🥥🌺 (LavishMonae)

@shaunking: My God. He is doubling down. This is as dangerous and problematic as everything else.

Nomicon (darwin_barrera)

@lildurk: I watch everybody and everything

kee 💙 (only1keaira)

Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. (Winston Churchill)