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What is the I?

I (named i , plural ies) is the ninth letter and the third vowel in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet...

@leach_deanna: Nope. I agree. Democrats are more of a hindrance to our country than a help. They accomplish nothing positive. Just obstr…

Meridian Gal (pnwretired)

@BillVouronikos @Pat_Francis @RockSolidShow I have though it was many years ago. I’m almost frightened by how young I was when I read it.

Aaron Conn (Aaron_Conn)

@bayleejohnston7: This is what happens when i drink wine and want to follow a Tik Tok trend

chlo (IlacquaChloe)

My hands still smell like coffee and I just took a shower. Wtf Dunkin

Will (4zuara)

@CaucasianJames: on spiderman i’ve been drinking

Moooooooo!!! (KeeneMoorea)

@DreamK3ng: At this point I don’t even know if I’m breathing correctly

B (BronteLyneKu)

Y’all, I’m feeling some type of way and idk whether to be happy or terrified. Actually, I’ll take terrified for 500 Alex.

Chelsea (Chelseaaaa_33)

I checked in at Father Knows Best on #Yelp

Eddie (ambiguouspunk)

@ScottPresler: Singer Ariana Grande is allowing fans to register to vote during her world tour. Andrew Gillum is launching a Florida v…

Kristin (knap957)

@fwm_emm: the less we talk , the more I get used to it . & that’s for everybody .

ashari 🧚🏼‍♀️ (ashaaarii)

@BelindaJones68: I can't look at John Howard without remembering his support of #Pell, I find him absolutely despicable. #insiders

Dame Dump Dutton 🌊🌀 👨‍🚒 (suthernx)

@astrologypixies: I only attract positive people with pure intentions. I only attract positive people with pure intentions. I only att…

kayyla🌸 (kaayylamichelle)

@MamanyanaM: Never lose faith. God loves you too much to let you down. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth & the life. No one co…

Father Glorify thy Name (Glorify_thyName)

The pain passes, but the beauty remains. (Pierre Auguste Renoir)