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I Like It may refer to: "I Like It" (Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin song), a 2018 song "I Like It" (DeBarge song), a 1982 song by the family singing quintet DeBarge "I Like It" (Dino song), a 1989 song by Dino "I Like It" (Enrique Iglesias song), a 2010 song I Like It (EP), a 2011 EP by South Korean group ChoColat "I Like It" (Foxy Shazam song), a 2011 song by American rock band Foxy Shazam "I Like It" (Gerry & the Pacemakers song), a 1963 song "I Like It" (Overweight Pooch song), a 1991 song by Overweight Pooch featuring CeCe Peniston "I Like It" (Sammie song), a 1999 song by American R&B singer Sammie "I Like It" (Sevyn Streeter song) "I Like It" (The Blackout All-Stars song) "I Like It", 1952 song by Rosita De La Vega "I Like It", a song by Lacuna Coil from the album Shallow Life (2009) "I Like It", a song by Narcotic Thrust "I Like It", a song by So Def, produced by Missy Elliott..

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