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What is the Make Up?

Make-up or makeup may refer to: Cosmetics, for use in face-to-face interactions Theatrical makeup, for performers Prosthetic makeup The Make-Up, a Washington DC area band Make-Up (Japanese band), a Japanese band Make Up (album), an album by Flower Travellin' Band "Make Up", a song by Flower Travellin' Band on the album Make Up Make Up (EP), an EP by Hyomin Make Up (book), a John Smith book Make-Up (1937 film), a 1937 British film Make-Up (2014 film), a 2014 Korean film Renewing or restoring an interpersonal or intimate relationship Make Up (record label), see RecRec Music "Make Up", a song from Lou Reed's 1972 album Transformer "Make Up", a song by The Script on the album Freedom Child..

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