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Make-up or makeup may refer to: Cosmetics, for use in face-to-face interactions Theatrical makeup, for performers Prosthetic makeup The Make-Up, a Washington DC area band Make-Up (Japanese band), a Japanese band Make Up (album), an album by Flower Travellin' Band "Make Up", a song by Flower Travellin' Band on the album Make Up Make Up (EP), an EP by Hyomin Make Up (book), a John Smith book Make-Up (1937 film), a 1937 British film Make-Up (2014 film), a 2014 Korean film Renewing or restoring an interpersonal or intimate relationship Make Up (record label), see RecRec Music "Make Up", a song from Lou Reed's 1972 album Transformer "Make Up", a song by The Script on the album Freedom Child ..

Trolls on social media will make nothing out of nothing, ain't that something!? For example, I could simply comment…

Angela Michelle (shecoolpeople)

@LuciaManzo18 Chequeate ese make up

Tony A (tomicano_)

@Duckypam @VictorBlackwell Lot of my associates, people i work with and some close friends are gay, lesbian and alt…

realSanchoClaus➕ (TweetAboutAny)

@itsellennnn: Hello Twitter, if you’re in MA (Lowell, Lawrence, Andover, Boston,Springfield, Hartford) area and need you’re make up done…

leighsandra (loxvatos)

@WWE @MsCharlotteWWE @BeckyLynchWWE This is getting good. They’re gonna make it seem like Becky has no chance at Ma…

Popular Culture Vulture (obiwanchipotle)

@MichaelAvenatti I don't see a logical reason for Jussie to make this story up. He's not one of these celebs who is…

Lady A (MsLadyA17)

@BlackElleWoods: It’s not entirely shocking that someone would make up a story to avoid liability for a crime they committed. I think…

Melrose Marie (GoldenSkinJoie)

@iMali___: 3. Effort. Don't wait on him to check up on you first. Let him find that "Good morning handsome" text. Go out of your way to…

Fahmi Dott (FahmiFD)

You didn’t make history you were up for a while then plopped down like my sit last night

Chicken Facts (FactsOnChicken)

@Disney excuse me can you hurry up and make national treasure 3 please.

jack ✨ (jackisahack_)

@lukewaltham: Hi ARMY family 💜 If you tweet using the hashtag #Duckprints, Aflac will donate $2, up to $1.5 million, to help end childh…

moonchild 🌙💛🍋🐾🍒 (• ε •) (yoonmintho)

@CharlesMBlow I cautiously predicted that this was a false story when it blew up. It didn't ring true and it didn't…

Steven Vincent (stevenjvincent)

@realkareemdream: The Biased news media seems to be having a bad month! First, Coonman then Jussie Smollet! You can’t make this sh*t up!…

VC CHIN (StarwarsVc)

Go put your creed into the deed. Nor speak with double tongue. (Ralph Emerson)