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What is the Messenger Kids?

Messenger Kids is a messaging app and platform developed by Facebook in December 2017. The platform is designed for a young audience as an safer alternative to the Facebook Messenger platform. User can register without phone numbers, but only with their first and last names only. It was initially launched for iPad tablets with the iOS operating system in the United States only, though later support for iPhone and Android devices was added and it was rolled out in Canada, Peru, and Mexico.Parents have oversight and control, with requirements about identity verification and approval of contacts. There are no in-app purchases nor advertisements, and thus also no data collection for advertising purposes, children's accounts are not visible in search on Facebook, and the child's account does not automatically migrate to a full Facebook account once the child turns 13 years old (the minimum age for Facebook registration). It features augmented reality filters and lenses, along with games and educational content...

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