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What is the Modern?

Modern may refer to:..

When Mathe Okaba was appointed as the new CEO at the @ACA_SA, she announced as one of her personal objectives for t…

Modern Marketing (Modern_Marketin)

On the #blog today > What is a #monster ? Tracking the #evolution and reception of #monstrosity in #literature from…


[email protected] is op zoek naar een (Notarieel) jurist – Bachelor rechtspraktijk voor een modern, jong en groeiend notar…

LexGO (LexGobe)

@LibreriaLondon: Curious to know what Afropean means? We're giving you the chance to sit down with award-winning writer @johnypitts to d…

Johny Pitts (johnypitts)

@AHorrorBorealis @Addison_Peacock

Alex Flanigan (modern_minstrel)

See how designer Olivia Botrie of Dart Studio overhauled a dark and dated kitchen with an open-concept layout, plen…

Weddy Carter (WeddyCarter)

@tomiahonen: Modern Republicans: The Party of Genius Devin Nunes: I'm suing an imaginary cow Dr Ben Carson: Oreo cookies Rudy Giulian…

❄️Bobbert (BobbyDrake600)

Home-grown fragrance label Palais des Parfums’ first collection, quite fittingly called La Premiere, offers a blend…

Friday Magazine (Friday_Magazine)

@AHorrorBorealis: Two hands AND definitely enough flannels for everyone to steal.

Alex Flanigan (modern_minstrel)

Mill Valley Modern by Tyreus Design Studio

Home Design Goals (homedesigngoals)

@HikmaHistory: Al-Rifa'i Mosque (Cairo, Egypt) - Construction began in 1869, the Muhammad Ali Dynasty of Egypt hoped to capture the sple…

I Observe (ITooObserve)

@UrugwiroVillage: PHOTO: "A modern Africa is Africa that stands up for itself and insists that we have a seat on the table as partners a…

Gongoré Maci (gongore_m)


Alex Flanigan (modern_minstrel)

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. (Abraham Lincoln)