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@joseokcito and my mom cant say no cause i have family over there 💅

kay misses bts 🇲🇽 | nsfr (astralyg)

no one: my mom: “i love @ConorMaynard so much! *proceeds to play cant say no on the aux and blast it*”

taylor. (nbdtaylor)

Sahur with gulai dagin batang pisang mom's edition ofc i ate 2.5 plates of rice. Cant say no to mom's food. Oh and…

izzi (IzzRaifHarz)

@OwenJones84 No matter what she did, people like you would find something wrong! Remember your mom say if you cant…

Patrick Jones (Patrick17329732)

ahh i got requested by my mom again to draw her friend for free and i cant say no bc yknow,, "family privileges" a…

body in the abyss, the heart in kenpocalypse (unmeinopendulum)

This is why u cant lose weight in jamaican households.... im preparing my lik salmon and broccoli and my mom ask me…

Goodie 😉🌸 (IamTeshaF)

no one listens to me when i say that im sensitive to smells and when my mom wears her perfume its rly stong for me ans i cant breathe

ishie🍯 | meg day💕 | 37 days (dreamkoos)

@VGDadPlays "Mom, stop feeding Cerebus under the table" "But he looks so cute! I cant say no to those eyes!"

Xeshema (Xeshema)

Meredith’s mom just offered to give us money to go to the casino on our way to Chicago tonight..CANT SAY NO TO THAT!!

Hanneyy (HanneyyB)

I remember when I’d call my mom to pick me up from school because I was sick. Once home I’d ask her to take me to t…

Brigeeeeee (brigeeeeee)

hey baby, i saw ur gf raya offer and i quickly told my mom bout that..guess what did she say.. umi nak menantu no……

tom yam pringles (bharbhieee)

lil durk said “gotta suck dick on ya period can’t say no i ain’t hearing it” my mom said “TAMIRAAA NOBODY WANNA FU…

june11🎉 (tamiramonique)

Mom Can’t Say No Me: lahat lang ba na nakalista un lang bibilhin? Mom:Yess Me: Ma You Cant say no Challenge TAYO😂 M…

Shanley (SolianoShanley)

In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice. (Richard Bach )