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Moodnotes by ThrivePort, LLC ⁦@meganmorrone⁩ have you reviewed this app before? I really like it so far.

Jacob Siegel (Frankidealist35)

Favorites in my health & wellness app stack: - Sleep Cycle - Aaptiv - Vora - MyFitPal - Calm - MoodNotes Yours?

Rachael Craig (RPCraig)

@JamesStaubes @moodnotes Just a daily reminder to take stock and name my emotions. Also a pretty decent little jour…

Seth (mostlymuppet)

@mostlymuppet @moodnotes Yeh I never heard of this app either. Sounds like you'd recommend it? What are a few ways it's helped you?

James (JamesStaubes)

@mostlymuppet @moodnotes Neat app, had not seen it going to give it a shot.

Ben Reubenstein (benr75)

Things do not change; we change. (Henry Thoreau )