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@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

KE$HMULA (Keshmoney88)

@ChiefKeef: Chief Otto. #Ottopsy now streaming on @AppleMusic

. (CoreyMH_)

@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

Dishawn Mulder (xgnsandmanvii)

@shynelikeheaven: @louisduffeIbag @108mics black kray - depressed shooter serpentwithfeet - soil Black Milk - Fever Chief Keef - Ottopsy…


Keef dropped Ottopsy, an ep if y’all didn’t know

haägen Das🤪 (SwankyDas)

@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

Cole Atkinson (CC_ATKINSON_CC)

Banging this Ep all day Glory day 🌞#chiefkeef #OTTOPSY

💀# (7_supersavage)

Chief Keef - Ottopsy EP

Tjhin Yudhistira (Yudhis360)

Don’t any of my twitter followers forget that Ottopsy is a 100% perfect ep 7/7 amazing great songs goodnight love u

mads (MaddiStarks)

@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

gloria richardson (gloriar52714913)

@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

KingKappa😈 (JaeSmithh)

@ChiefKeef: #Ottopsy on @iTunes. Go grab that NOWWWWWW

🛸🛸PRINCE HAMILTON ☔👽 (P_brav16)

Listen to Chief Keef's New 'Ottopsy' EP

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