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What is the Perfect Ten?

Perfect Ten is the third studio album by American record producer Mustard. It was released on June 28, 2019, via 10 Summers Records and Interscope Records. It includes the singles "Pure Water" and "100 Bands"...

Perfect Ten from Nipsey almost made me shed a tear.

stephen (stxve)

#NowPlaying "Perfect Ten" by Mustard, Nipsey Hussle on @TIDAL

Small market owners collude against Lakers (e1presidente)

@Desimond42: @EyesOnQ 1+9=10 so 7/19/19 can be looked at like 7/10/10. Ten is also viewed as a complete and perfect number It is made up…

TWEETYBIRD🐦FREEDOM🇺🇸😇🇺🇸DaRealMcCawJFKENDGM20 (maga2020jfk24)


depressed bulls fan (NotoriousNas)

@theheatherhogan: Living together year one: What do you need, most perfect angel? I’ll fetch it for you! Living together year eight: I’…

Tarlatan McWizard (Unity1814)

َ (Ra_____ab)

M🧶 (Marisababy34)

@send_olga: That'd be my perfect outcome for the last chapter of Ajin. Also, sakei forever.

Ikeiten いけい (Ikei_ten)

Perfect Ten

dollface 🦋 (spvnisshshvwtyy)

@FreddyFazbearOG The challenge is we have to choose our waifus. It needs to be perfect and it will only end in ten…

Fazbunny tweets (therealfazbunny)

Perfect Ten is such a vibe

Destiny 🦋 (destilynne)

Ain’t no guarantees, but you know that. Niggas die everyday can’t control that...

Tony Kukoč ~ TMC 🏁 (OneAndOnly_Tony)

I can listen to “Perfect Ten” over an over again

Lex.C (lexiee4k)

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. (Og Mandino)