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Insurance industry observers have been predicting that smart home products would transform the industry by forcing…

Smart Home Devices (getsmartdevices)

NOAA predicts a near-normal hurricane season this year in the Atlantic. Clink the link to see what they are predic…

U.S. Embassy POS (USinTT)

[email protected] had the best overview, concluding that “Predicting unintended consequences of world-altering products…

Adam Simon (adamjsimon)

Are you at #PAS19? Stop by booth B52 in Hall 4 where #SAPAerospace experts and @ANSYS are excited to share how digi…

SAP Industries (SAPIndustries)

Market analysis by Zinnov predicting global spending on #IoT technology-based products and services by enterprises…

Fraenk1893 (Fraenk1893)

Drive time matters to home buyers. A lot. In this week's #AllianceNetworkSpotlight we look at how @INRIX Drive Time…

CoreLogic RES (CoreLogicRES)

@bigglyn70 @mcDarke @ReadyForRaab @IainDale @mrjamesob Ok. And you'll be doing it with less subsidies and competing…

Joe Turner (bucksci)

@andrewchen People have been predicting the death of Fibre Channel since the first products were released around 20 years ago...

Scott Shimomura (scottshimo)

In an era of #data explosion, advanced techniques, such as #MachineLearning, are imperative to model the volatility…

Randy Miller (RandyMiller_EY)

Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions by Amy Brown Science TpT

Adi Purwanto (GuideIM)

Kraft Heinz is utilizing the IBM Garage method and together IBM + Kraft developed a state-of-the-art algorithm to i…

salome tamayo lopez (tamayo_salome)

In an era of #data explosion, advanced techniques, such as #MachineLearning, are imperative to model the volatility…

EY Automotive (EY_Automotive)

@realDonaldTrump He is costing Farmers a great deal of money. Farmers don’t want handouts. They want their products…

Jeanne Sweatt (sweatt_jeanne)

The mind is everything. What you think you become. (Buddha )