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What is the Projekt?

Projekt is a Portland, Oregon-based independent record label that specializes in darkwave, ambient, and shoegaze, started by Sam Rosenthal in 1983. Projekt is also known for releases in the gothic rock, ethereal, dream-pop, and dark cabaret genres. Prominent Projekt artists include Sam Rosenthal's own Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Steve Roach, Voltaire, Erik Wøllo, Unto Ashes, Weep (Doc Hammer, co-writer of the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros.) Mira, and Android Lust. Based over the years in South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn, Projekt is now located in Portland. Projekt released 305 titles as of summer 2014, with an additional 25 physical CDs on the Projekt: Archive (formerly Relic) sub-label. Archive also is the home to an additional 85 digital-only titles. Sam Rosenthal runs Projekt as an independent record label, privately owned and managed by Rosenthal. After many years of struggling with self-distribution, in 1997, Projekt secured exclusive distribution in The US with Ryko Distribution. Distribution was handled through Ryko and ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) throughout most of the 2000s and, as of 2012, is handled by E1 Entertainment Distribution. Digital Distribution is through E1 Entertainment Distribution. The label has had many employees over the years who assisted Sam with his vision. Shea Hovey is the current assistant who handles the press contacts as well as the mail-order; she has been with the label since 2000. Other employees of note were Charles Clutter, Padraic Ogle (Thanatos / Precipice Records) and Sam's ex-wife Lisa Feuer. Briefly, Sam Fogarino of Interpol worked at Projekt for a few months in the late-1990s, although Sam has often commented, "I never really knew what he did." Constantine Maroulis, of American Idol fame, worked one afternoon (approx 2004), preparing catalogs. Rosenthal runs an e-mail list with regular updates and personal commentary, often about the state of the record industry...

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