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【숫자는 적지만 일품들이 모여 있어. 괘씸한 걸?】

ギルガメッシュ『Queen』 (Queen_of_Hero)

@passantino: The LA area could see rare snowfall tonight and Thursday down to 1,500 ft, and possibly lower. To put this in perspective,…

Jessianna🌸 (Queen_Jessianna)

@nksnkakkokari: 2/24(日)@湘南bit 「帰ってきた!極寒!コピバン大会冬将軍」 OPEN 18:45 STA 19:00 ADV/DAY ¥1000+1D Vo.key.なかそね Gt.こみやたくろう Ba.たむさん Dr.うらしん 夏ぶりの…

なかそね(超冗談) (nksnkakkokari)

@AmDimples: Buy that beautiful queen of yours kitenge today to make her happy. @NuriaStore #NuriaStore

The Instigator 🎯 (Kenyan_B)

@chrissyteigen My 1 year old daughter's name is Bea (Beatrice, but she goes by Bea (Bee) She's the Queen 🐝 in our house! 😂

[email protected] (Emilybriordang1)

@prozacwhore: @Lizettapia12 we love a trilingual queen

Lizettapia (Lizettapia12)

@BTS_BR: 🎥 [KBS Cultura] O @BTS_twt se apresentará no Estádio de Wembley, na Inglaterra, que tem capacidade para 90 mil pessoas e foi la…

PãodeMelão🍈 (LKanata4)

@Majji0408 엄빠한테 ㄱ걸리면 방금 깬 연기해야 되서 기찬앙;;

오늘 많이 못 들어오는 쥬 주는 새우꺙 조아해 (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・ (queen_jjuju)

@Nicole72Nicole: If you not trynna raise D1 athletes with me then ion want ya

Jennifer Huston (The_Queen_Jenn)

@milkyway_queen: 🌸존 디 콘 개 인 봇 모 셔 요🌸 [, 인용알티는 사랑임니다💕❤️] Queen의 존디콘 개인봇을 모십니다 표 읽어보시구 디엠으로 와주세요!! 올 때 표 작성해서 와주심 좋을거 같아요!! 기다리고 있겠습니다…

🌚멘세닉아님방구뿡뿡큐티쁘띠💗지내의노예🌝 (01mir10)


にゃこんでら🍆 (Nyakonndera)


Donta (aintthat_gudda)

@Johnvalle20: simplehan lang natin ha 😛 😍 #Queen

RHEALYN (rheafeels)

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. (Chanakya )