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What is the Reality?

Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent, as opposed to that which is merely imaginary. The term is also used to refer to the ontological status of things, indicating their existence. In physical terms, reality is the totality of the universe, known and unknown. Philosophical questions about the nature of reality or existence or being are considered under the rubric of ontology, which is a major branch of metaphysics in the Western philosophical tradition. Ontological questions also feature in diverse branches of philosophy, including the philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophical logic. These include questions about whether only physical objects are real (i.e., Physicalism), whether reality is fundamentally immaterial (e.g., Idealism), whether hypothetical unobservable entities posited by scientific theories exist, whether God exists, whether numbers and other abstract objects exist, and whether possible worlds exist...

me disguising myself as a ceiling fan in the reality house to see what’s going down #therealityhouse

day 225 (poutywebber)

@Garrett_Watts: Go send stupid-big birthday love to one of the strongest, most generous big-hearted guys on the planet. Shane has mento…

Erica Johnson (ericarenayy)

@StefanMolyneux Progressives think that reality itself is malleable and plastic.

Buck Wheat (theBuckWheat14)

@77MCU: Change your reality. Officially, Doctor Strange 2 is coming..

Asma (asmira96)

@sexyohan_pdx: heads up guys! jungmo will be the offical PD of X1's reality show. trainee koo jungmo who?? #PRODUCE_X_101 …

Fall for SeungSeungOppa🌟รับทำพอร์ต วาดแฟนอาร์ต (MahouShoujo42)

@loanchargeAPPG: Today we delivered 820 submissions from individuals to @Jesse_Norman at @hmtreasury about the devastation their draconi…

GLS (GLSFighter)

@jonnysun: me: okay so if the cats in Cats (2019) are cat-sized but look human, are the humans in Cats (2019) human-sized but look like…

laura (msLauravel)

When you're in love, you are happy. But when you're not in love you can find reality.

✨ (ediishing)

Someone reconciled the model to reality Deal made little sense - Elliott was missing the forest through the trees…

EnergyCynic (EnergyCynic)

@realDonaldTrump BUT! You said:"Those people in North Carolina -- that stadium was packed. It was a record crowd. A…

Continuum (AdriftSWVA)

@NCGanster The optimal personalized learning system at any level remains a good teacher-I try to systematically add…

Jay Roscup (RoscupJay)

@robinson52d1987 @GrowlyBiteBite @OverlordVic @SuaSayaGames @unvarnishedvoid I will DM her for sure. But I am not…

🦇Ansgar Odinson🦇 (AnsgarTOdinson)

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Augmented Reality via @nytimes #Apollo50th

Jacinta Escudos (jacintario)

Strength to carry on despite the odds means you have faith in your own abilities and know how. (Byron Pulsifer)