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@StevieWLevine I will bring Link to my event. However, my event is to meet Rhett. I would bring Link because they a…

Monica Rivera (wethemonica13)

@StevieWLevine White Sox Game. I'd take Link because Rhett and I have almost identical personalities so Link for diversity of perspective.

Stephen Dunkel (stephendunkel)

@StevieWLevine: you have an extra ticket to an event this weekend- but only one. who do you bring: rhett or link? what's the event and w…

Mythical Fox (Mythica01474839)

@StevieWLevine @rhettmc. I'm a lot like link where anxiety and negativity are kinda my thing. I need someone like r…

Adorkable fatty (daniireland85)

@youresoloud: rhett and link suffering for 10 minutes straight retweet for a custom barf bucket*

That girl called megan (thelittlemeggy)

@ladycynthiana: I have 2 tickets to Rhett and Link Live in St. Louis to sell, prices negotiable! Please send me a message if you want th…

Tasha Wycoff Gardiner (wycoff_tasha)

@StevieWLevine Link, we would be going to the Go Cart Track and i wouldnt chose Rhett because i feel he may get ove…

Cameron Terrion (CameronTerrion)

@SoftandBetter: Full Link beard and Rhett's laugh make this clip EVERYTHING.

Martina ⭕️ (emlydeschanel)

@mythicalmadi: fanfic rhett and link: *get in a fight* me:

hails 💛 97 (hailsmcneal)

@StevieWLevine i have an extra ticket to see Britney spears live, i bring rhett because link seems like the type of…

maddie baddie (madivvy)

i just realized the first rhett and link video was the rub some bacon on it music video. my friend in kindergarten…

sky ♡ 45 (taeluxry)

@CelestialLink For people who try and say Link’s beard is better, HIS BEARD AINT EVEN A BEARD. ITS STUBBLE, NOT FLU…

Grace-Anna 🐺 (rhettroedits)

@StevieWLevine I would bring Rhett. Not because I don’t like link, link is great but just because I feel like I Rhe…

oliver_boi🏳️‍🌈 (oliverjoseph123)

There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way. (Wayne Dyer)