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@ladycynthiana: I have 2 tickets to Rhett and Link Live in St. Louis to sell, prices negotiable! Please send me a message if you want th…

Tasha Wycoff Gardiner (wycoff_tasha)

@FailedSacrifice @rhettandlink Welcome. ❤

Tim Woods (Tim_Woods88)

@bnbthehugger @SongBirdValerie @rhettandlink Meet Misty (and..16? Year old me lmao) she’s been gone 7 years now, bu…

Kelsey Bishop (RubberDinosawrs)

@SongBirdValerie @rhettandlink Haha, true. The funny part is, when saying Axel out loud, it can sound like asshole,…

Kelsey Bishop (RubberDinosawrs)

@rhettandlink @thomaslennon You can cook the @BeyondMeat brats in beer to answer that question

Jude (StuffJudeSays)

@rhettandlink I sit just me or are we waiting for munch madness 2.0. #MunchMadness @linklamont @rhettmc

Jonathan Carroll (g0ldg8terxd)

@Theonlyjennyb I think I'm scared of @rhettandlink rhett now

Seamus Walker (SeamusWalker7)

@DarcRitah @rhettandlink Agree with the champ

Spencer Gavin (SpencerGavin7)

@rhettandlink Well Criss Angel is just as legit as your hypnotist

Koooo4 (Koooo4)

@rhettandlink Memories of Lidsville...

Scott Mercer (ScottMercer)

My dog really liked today's episode after her shower (she's been like this since I put it on) @rhettandlink…

peeperlord 🐌 (jinishcap)

@RhettandLinKomm @rhettandlink @mythical @hypno_glenn This video was probably my favorite GMM episode, if not then…

Sister Nina (Ninaat221b)

@rhettandlink Whoa!! That's a lot to think about!

Tasha Wycoff Gardiner (wycoff_tasha)

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. (Jamie Paolinetti )