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@Ladynightys: เอาจริงๆพี่แบร์กับพี่ญ่าคือ role model ของเรานะ เราไม่ได้ชอบเพราะเราเป็นติ่งเค้าอย่างเดียวอะ แต่ชอบเพราะเค้าสอนการใช้ชีวิต…

มนต์รักปารีส | NYonfire🔥 (tooktafong1)

Incredibly moving speech by Luke Hart: a role model for men fighting domestic violence! #OYW2018

Thomas Gevers (thomas_gevers)

@MirrorNow @fayedsouza You are my 7th Role Model Faye D Souza

Aadil Being Human (osan_adil)

Hallquist, reluctant LGBTQ role model, raises profile of trans identities: Hallquist, reluctant LGBTQ role model, r… (swisstransdates)

He is always on top (my idol and my role model) Mesut Ozil👑👑👑💯

Emma (Emma52423283)

@Stella_Onana: Et le pire c’est quand même les femmes plongent dans ce type de considération. Un role model est un role model. Nul besoi…

Enfant du regime👑 (Daniel_Eyaa)

@vinnyg_1: Happy birthday to my role model #speakerknockerz #22 #rip

hazy millz (hazy_millz)

@rand_yosh314: chiaki nanami is great and beautiful and amazing and nice and cute and splendid and intelligent and good and caring and c…

jade (0dollarsdown)

Elle l'a claqué avec sa pantoufle ELLE L'A CLAQUÉ AVEC SA PANTOUFLE gurl is my new role model 💗💗

ɮɛȶȶɛʀ ʟօօӄɨռɢ ʄօʀ ֆօʍɛȶɦɨռɢ ռɛա (nighty_delusion)

@MiddleEastEye: “Putin is a role model" MbS once asked in a gathering: ‘How does Putin manage to kidnap his opposition figures and assa…

Sheni Hamid (Newsconnectco)

@mariaItarana: Mini Larkana of #Peshawar with great #Jiyala @GhulamaliPYO Our mother's discussion topic was role of women in politics &…

Arif Brohi (arifbrohi)

@CP_Gang: Former @UN Secretary General Banki moon has said #Bangladesh is a role model in showing the world that even a developing count…

md mojibul hasan (mdmojibulhasan2)

@NabiAdil Great role model

Anwar Khattak BEM (01Khattak)

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. (Jon Kabat-Zinn)