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Are you genius?

Are you genius?

Top level IQ test. A very well thought out and practical test. Convenient to do in any fixed space where there is a bit of quiet.

Emoji Meanings and Encyclopedia

Emoji Meanings and Encyclopedia

Emoji wiki a full collection of emoji 💬 meanings, 📷 images, ♈ combinations, and more. Online Emoji Keyboard for 💻 📱.

Get Screenshots from YouTube Videos

YouTube Screenshot Download

How to download YouTube screenshots? Our free YouTube screenshot downloader tool makes it very easy to download thumbnails from YouTube.

Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test

Do you think you are a good typer? An average touch typer can type at around 60 WPM (word per minute). Find out how fast you are. Teach and Learn Typing, Free! Test & Improve your Typing Speed!

Online Currency Converter

Online Currency Converter

This site helps you convert over 190+ currencies across the world get the latest exchange rate of popular currencies. You can convert currency by entering an amount in the box above, also select the currency units you want to convert. The result will be displayed as soon as you press convert button.

Instagram Fonts Generator

𝕀𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕞 𝐅𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓻 😜

Generate cute, beatiful and cool text what can be used on whatsapp, instagram, twitter, youtube, discord and all social media.

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Ruby Oyun Ve Yazilim Danismanlik Hunter Apps

Where's My Water? app

Where's My Water?


Get the GAME OF THE YEAR award-winning puzzler! Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechan...

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery app

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery

With the largest selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favorite foods to your door. Order with a few simple taps in the iOS Grubhub app and get the restaurants you love,...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies app

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Activision Publishing, Inc.

The Call of Duty®: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life. Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty®: Black ...

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD app

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD

Ironhide S.A.

Get ready to jump into action and show the Kingdom who’s the real boss in the best tower defense game 2021! Face empires of mighty enemies. Clash against supreme bosses, unlocki...

Xbox app


Microsoft Corporation

The all new Xbox app keeps you connected to the fun with your friends, games, and console from your phone or tablet while on the go. Easily share game clips and screenshots from ...

Wish - Shopping Made Fun app

Wish - Shopping Made Fun

ContextLogic Inc.

HOW IS WISH SO AFFORDABLE? Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower an...

Incredibox app


So Far So Good

Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 7 impressive atmospheres and start to lay...

Venmo app



Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid. Why use Venmo? Because it’s the money app for splitting the cost of almost anything—right then, right there. Because it m...

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor app

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt, Inc.

PicsArt is the best all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile! Unleash your creativity with one of the most popular apps with over 1 billion downloads to date. PicsArt gives you ...

Messiahs app


Fatih Beceren

Can you convert the whole world to your religion? A new faith is born and you are chosen to spread it. Humanity will always find a reason to hate you. You need to use your words a...

Ruby Oyun Ve Yazilim Danismanlik Hunter Quote

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose. "Benjamin Disraeli

Ruby Oyun Ve Yazilim Danismanlik Hunter Podcasts

True Crime Obsessed podcast

True Crime Obsessed

Obsessed Network

The true crime / comedy podcast YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. We recap your favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass, and heart. FROM VULTURE: "It’s not wrong to laugh when yo...

Bannon's War Room podcast

Bannon's War Room

WAR ROOM: 2020 with Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and more.

The Daily podcast

The Daily

The New York Times

This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a we...

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe podcast

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe

All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from ...

Nurture vs Nurture with Dr. Wendy Mogel podcast

Nurture vs Nurture with Dr. Wendy Mogel

Armchair Umbrella

Nurture vs Nurture is a new podcast brought to you by the producers of Armchair Expert. Dr. Wendy Mogel, social-clinical psychologist and author, specializes in the protection and ...

The Candace Owens Show podcast

The Candace Owens Show


Podcast by PragerU

Astray podcast



How far would you go for enlightenment? Westerners have long been drawn to the spiritual mystique of India. While many find what they’re looking for and return home, some vanish ...

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 podcast

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

Pat McAfee

On The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat, who played in two Pro Bowls during his eight-year NFL ...

Fresh Air podcast

Fresh Air


Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show fea...

The Opportunist podcast

The Opportunist

Kast Media

The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister simply by being opportunistic. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a cult leader, or a scammer? In...

Hide Your Identity!

Ruby Oyun Ve Yazilim Danismanlik Hunter TV Series

Love After Lockup, Vol. 9 hd download

Love After Lockup, Vol. 9

Love After Lockup

Kristianna plans a risky rendezvous. Quaylon’s shocking discovery changes everything. Andrea’s Mormon friends question her faith. Amber is conflicted when faced with a surprise...

The Blacklist, Season 8 hd download

The Blacklist, Season 8

The Blacklist

The Task Force investigates the apparent disappearance of a defense contractor. Cooper receives an unexpected offer and Red makes a connection.

Resident Alien, Season 1 hd download

Resident Alien, Season 1

Resident Alien

In his first week at the clinic, Harry struggles to diagnose a strange feeling: human emotion.

All American, Season 3 hd download

All American, Season 3

All American

Spencer (Daniel Ezra) finds himself on the defense after an interview he gave comes out, upsetting his old teammates and emotions get the best of them. Coop (Bre-Z) and Layla (Gret...

90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 hd download

90 Day Fiancé, Season 8

90 Day Fiancé

Yara gives Jovi an ultimatum. Tarik and Hazel's ex causes new issues. Betty invites herself dress shopping. Natalie attempts to move forward. Zied makes new demands. Amira feels pr...

PAW Patrol, Vol. 12 hd download

PAW Patrol, Vol. 12

PAW Patrol

The Mighty Pups have to save the day when Harold makes a cloning machine! Harold uses his super powers to turn Cap'n Turbot's lighthouse into a rocket! The Mighty Pups need to Char...

Superman & Lois, Season 1 hd download

Superman & Lois, Season 1

Superman & Lois

While adjusting to their new lives in Smallville, Lois and Clark make an important decision concerning one of their sons. Meanwhile, tensions begin to rise between Lois and Morgan ...

When Calls the Heart, Season 8 hd download

When Calls the Heart, Season 8

When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth has finished her manuscript. An unwelcome visitor stirs up trouble for Nathan and Allie. A homesick Rosemary and Lee cut their South American trip short. Faith arrives ba...

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 11 hd download

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 11

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

As the ladies try to show Teresa the error of her ways, Jackie struggles with tension in her marriage. On the other hand, Jennifer's relationship with her mother worsens and Frank ...

The Blacklist, Season 8 hd download

The Blacklist, Season 8

The Blacklist

Fueled by his betrayal, Elizabeth Keen seeks vengeance on Reddington.

Brain Force

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재미있는 한국어 1 - 한국어 알고 싶어요 (Fun Korean 1 - I want to learn more about Korean) course

재미있는 한국어 1 - 한국어 알고 싶어요 (Fun Korean 1 - I want to learn more about Korean)

Korea University

한국어로 배우는 한국어 강의. 한국어 자가학습자들을 위한 기초 한국어 문법 강의입니다. 문법설명과 해당문법이 어떻게 활용되는지 ...

Critical Care Nursing course

Critical Care Nursing

La Salle University

Final Med/Surg Course 

Drawing course


Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

Drawing will cover a variety of art terms and concepts throughout the semester. We will explore different drawing media, and have an in depth focus on form, value, line, and space....

Virology 2012 course

Virology 2012

Columbia University

This introductory virology course emphasizes the common reactions that must be completed by all viruses for successful reproduction within a host cell and survival and spread withi...

College Algebra course

College Algebra

Harrisburg Area Community College

This course covers fundamental algebraic operations, exponents and radicals, systems of linear and nonlinear equations, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithm...

Modern Art course

Modern Art

The Saylor Foundation

This course is one of nearly 100 college-level, online courses created by Saylor Academy and available through your web browser on any device. Every Saylor Academy course offers a ...

Introduction to Computer Science I course

Introduction to Computer Science I

The Saylor Foundation

Purpose of CourseThis course will introduce you to the field of computer science and the fundamentals of computer programming. Introduction to Computer Science I is specifically de...

Game Theory course

Game Theory

Yale University

This course is an introduction to game theory and strategic thinking. Ideas such as dominance, backward induction, Nash equilibrium, evolutionary stability, commitment, credibility...

Cyber Security course

Cyber Security

Liberty University

A comprehensive overview of the essential concepts students must know as they pursue careers in information systems security. Topics include a discussion of the new risks, threats,...

Personal Finance course

Personal Finance

Missouri State University

A study of personal finance topics from the consumer and societal perspectives. Topics include the preparation and interpretation of personal financial statements and budgets,...

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