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What is the Sad?

Sadness is an emotional pain associated with, or characterized by, feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow. An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others. An example of severe sadness is depression, a mood which can be brought on by major depressive disorder or persistent depressive disorder. Crying can be an indication of sadness.Sadness is one of the "six basic emotions" described by Paul Ekman, along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust...

@taejin_stanner: Watch this if you’re sad, it will make you smile in 0.000001 sec.

din☾ (pearlsyoon)

@TheRobustRascal Bahut sad

रीNA (_r33na__)

@karlo_aure: usahay ba maka ask na lang tas atong self nga “di man ko ing-ani sauna oy naunsa mn ko rn”. and it’s so fucking sad.

Venice 🌼석진 || wanna rewatch Burn The Stage : ( (ViceraHeart)

@petuniasforever @daretod23168263 @GerardRedmond13 @mikesmlea @UKIP Britain is currently attacking Iraq, Libya, Syr…

ShlomoIndiana (ShlomoIndiana)

kanina may nakita akong tao suot-suot jersey ko nung hs... kaya pala hindi ko na mahanap sa damitan ko dahil pinam…

enie (GenieIgnacio)

not a single person in my life values me the way I value them. Except 1 person, literally 1.. I’m always the person…

holly (HollyMckinlay)

very sad bc I started the game quite late and have missed many good event guns


@yoonminet: this video of jimin taking TINY steps to go back to the right position he’s the reason why i’m always sad …

big crush on jimin (uwantyogurt)

A pizza a day keeps the sad away.

Retarded Mom (MoreRetardedMom)

@RonBrownstein Duh. She’s a sad excuse

Tink (tinkerbell6565)

@RebekahWorsham: You know...You're almost tempted to laugh at this man because he's so ridiculous but it's actually very sad. He's the e…

Beowulf 🇺🇸 (Javashots)

moe if he lose shit going be sad 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂

VonBenji🤾 (_e4kealo)

seokjin deserves an acting debut i’m sad

chloe (motivatepjm)

It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. ()