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@tarik: Your daily reminder to stay on your grind.

Qvn (Qvn_OW)

@hippxe: One time I thought I was so ugly, and I couldn’t take a compliment because I thought people were lying to me. But now? Due to h…

finesser tayée.📚♠🇹🇹 (justtterresha_)

@Erynnekol: IDC if you sleep on the floor IDC if you & your family of 9 stay in a one bedroom apartment I will come sit my ass on the fl…

Samantha P ;) (bbyg_sam5)

@kelseycrist: My little brother had to write a haiku for school - this is what he came up with: Spring is in the air I can’t wait to st…

Alicia Gottwalt (AliciaGottwalt)

@Edmontater: Jason Kenney seems to be spending more time in Ottawa than in Alberta. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

calgaryvoter (Chinook87)

@RaheemKassam: STAY THERE. I will arrive by 4pm. I hope @CaolanRob has a megaphone and a step stool for me.


@offlinemalek: minding your business makes you prettier that’s why some of you bitches stay looking ugly

islandgal (xoalisham)

@Sarah_SKG_1983: @YarosisNancy @evilzoraklives @xmarxthespot001 @mikemaybeableto @ShellyRKirchoff @MelissaFunGurl @DeadBunnyFrank @Pirat…

Samanta Nathan (samantanathan67)

@_ttgm: Don’t HMU when the person that made you switch up on me.... switch up and fold on you. Stay on that side.

HoodrichhKay (HoodrichhKay)

@RaheemKassam: STAY THERE. I will arrive by 4pm. I hope @CaolanRob has a megaphone and a step stool for me.

SheldonBlack (Sheldonblack130)

@tsanders1123: Lookin forward to seeing my nigga @CokeNonCola here soon. Stay strong man, not to much farther to go🤘 …

mikedaviss (CokeNonCola)

@KPRC2Eric: Here's your Saturday forecast, Houston. Another steamy one, with just a few showers in the mix. Enjoy, and stay cool! #KPR…


@TheJose8A: “I want the old bts back.” I’ll never understand the mentality of fans who want their faves to stay artistically the same f…

jen (yoongiluvly)

Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. (Maori Proverb)