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What is the The Ringer?

The Ringer(s) may refer to: The Ringer (originally titled The Gaunt Stranger), a novel by Edgar Wallace, or the 1929 play adapted by Wallace from his novel The Ringer (1928 film), a British crime film directed by Arthur Maude based on the Edgar Wallace novel The Ringer (1931 film), a British crime film directed by Walter Forde based on the Edgar Wallace novel The Ringer (1952 film), a British mystery directed by Guy Hamilton, based on Edgar Wallace's play (see next) The Ringer aka Der Hexer (1964 film) (1964) German crime film based on the Edgar Wallace story The Ringer (2005 film), a 2005 comedy starring Johnny Knoxville The Ringer (2013 film), a drama written and directed by Chris Shepherd for Canal+ and CNC "The Ringer", an episode of the TV series The Legend of Zelda The Ringers, an American rock band The Ringer (Antarctica), a distinctive ring-shaped moraine at the mouth of Ringer Glacier The Ringer (album), a jazz music album by Charles Tolliver, or the title track "The Ringer" (song), by Eminem from Kamikaze The Ringer (website), a sports and pop culture website..

Ringer on πŸ”Š Get my attention the right way πŸ€‘

ᎷαŽ₯ᏕᏖᏒᏋᏕᏕ ᏠᏋᏕᏕᏋ πŸ’Έβœ¨ (Jessebe11e)

So the Zion Williamson injury got me thinking to write an article on this could affect the NBA landscape for years.…

A.I. Melo (AI_Melo22)

@JInTheLife He really is 😊 and yeah the ears are totally a ringer

Ethan Hill (Ewok_Ethan)

@Poncarose: The Ringer by Eminem #NowPlaying

Vanessa Nieva (warriorgrll74)

@CapehartJ If Trump's "emergency" is anything to go by PRECEDENT MATTERS we should put Dem canidates through the ri…

Common Sense (CourtofCommon)

Put them through the ringer; make them encounter situations that allow them to turn north and surround Napoleon.

VUCA (ars_vuca)

@RebelHebrew You're going through the ringer for the new job.

Governor (kf4yfa)

I apologize to everyone that gets emails (or texts) from me in the middle of the night. I hope your ringer isn't on.

Bike Shop Girl (bikeshopgirlcom)

@Dudeseid: uhm....excuse YOU but Jon Snow is the Aragorn of Game of Thrones, not the other way around

Return of the Mac (HolaHovito8)

@hashia93 @ringer @BillSimmons It was about Donaghy.. I wonder if the NBA got involved

Ty (RoxBos617)

@ringer @SheaSerrano @KwakaFlocka @alyssabereznak @andrewgrutt I feel like the order can be considered bullying.

SpoonIsGhost (ghostspoon)

My five year plan: 1. Buy a restaurant grade onion ringer 2. Start eating the onion part of my onion rings 3. Start…

nhc nrmc (cmrnchn)

@ringer: [email protected] is at 12-1 to win the Masters, but he’s playing much better than he was a year ago. @HousefromDC and @AAOHARRY dis…


You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day. (Marian Edelman)