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What is the Venom?

Venom is a secretion containing one or more toxins produced by an animal to cause harm to another. Venom has evolved in a wide variety of animals, both predators and prey, and both vertebrates and invertebrates. Venoms kill through the action of at least four major classes of toxin, namely necrotoxins and cytotoxins, which kill cells; neurotoxins, which affect nervous systems; myotoxins, which damage muscles. Venomous animals kill tens of thousands of humans per year. However, the toxins in many venoms have potential to treat a wide range of diseases...

그러고보니 나 제일 어릴때 기억이 3살때 기억인데 이거 얘기하믄 아무도 안믿음

그림 안그리면 털묻은 똥 (Venom___V)

@kavita_krishnan @PMOIndia dear sir this lady is fanning venom and her statement is contempt of court she should be behind bars for good

Piyush22 (Piyush2219)


paul m perez (darth_venom_666)

@patriotact: Almost a third of America is either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and the cost of insulin is right up there with the price of L…

TZ1996 (hkarmali)

@MattJackson13: Opened up the vault today & found this old music video. @NickJacksonYB

paul m perez (darth_venom_666)

@DrGPradhan: Vinod Dua's pseudo-intellectual daughter. Spread the message and expose her Pulwama Attack: Mallika Dua spews venom, said…

Anil Thakur (itsmeAnilThakur)

@iGodmanHustler Venom

John (johnkasambala)

SHOW-YAのシングルはおニャン子の時代の話でしたが #秋元康 は2015年のSHOW-YA30周年記念盤にも歌詞提供していました。。。何にしても日本のガールズユニットの両極端です(-.-)

かず (Venom_Kaz)

@VenomStreamer: Y’all know what time it is another gifting giveaway!!! Will be doing two winners again so be sure to enter below! -Foll…

shibookie (shibookie)

@VenomExtreme: Galera me ajudem mostrar para ao pessoal do @Hytale o hype que estamos esperando VENOM E OS AVENTUREIROS em HYTALE. Deem…

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@NextPlz_fr: 🚨JEU #CONCOURS🚨 +FOLLOW @NextPlz_fr et @SonyPicturesFr pour gagner des DVD/Blu-Ray du film « #VENOM » sorti en octobre 20…

TacosNRV_ (moneycash___)

@sanhita4dr: @AmWithModi @MehboobaMufti I m not surprised by their sermons anymore. They have survived their entire life spewing venom.…

Madhu (AmWithModi)

@fantastic_talk I actually got a thread on the whole Venom family if you’re interested! 🖤☺️

🕷Let’s Talk Venom🕷 (LetsVenom)

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